RightScale gets your cloud ready for the holidays

The beauty of cloud computing is that it can scale up and down as needed. This is particularly helpful for retail businesses, which see huge spikes and valleys in demand during the holidays. Now RightScale says it can help them more proactively manage their cloud resources to meet demand and ramp down resources as demand fades.

RightScale’s “Cloud for the Holidays” offering kicks off in October and runs through mid-January. RightScale performed such services on a one-off basis for customers over the years, but realized there was demand for an actual productized version of that service, said Kim Weins, VP of marketing for the Santa Barbara, Calif.-based company. RightScale analyzed aggregated customer data to see how workloads in e-commerce, online gaming, consumer electronics and entertainment workloads spiked and cratered in the October-January period to help its customers plan for future holiday loads.

“With the new service, an e-commerce site can set triggers so that if a deployed resource reaches 70 percent or 80 percent of utilization, more resources are added,” Weins said.

The service works across the popular public clouds including Amazon(s amzn), Rackspace(s rax), Azure(s msft), and Google(s goog).

Cloud for the Holidays includes services to help set up the system, 24-7 phone support, and a subscription to Rackspace’s usual cloud management services.

The cloud management business, which RightScale pioneered, is becoming something of a cottage industry, with a bevy of startups like UptimeCloud, Cloudyn, Cloudability and Newvem offering their own windows into a user’s cloud usage. Meanwhile, RightScale is forging into new areas like cloud use forecasting with its Shopforcloud acquisition earlier this year.