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Google Play reaches 25 billion downloads, 675,000 apps

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Google Play (s goog) has crested the 25 billion download mark, following in the footsteps of Apple’s App Store (s aapl), which hit that mark in March. Google’s app store, originally called Android Market, has been shadowing Apple and is now at 675,000 apps, a little shy of Apple’s 700,000 apps.

Google hit the 25 billion download milestone in a little under four years while Apple took three years and eight months to reach that mark. To celebrate, Google is offering 25-cent discounted apps and games and is creating collections of 25 standout games, books, movies and magazines, all at discounted prices.

Google still has a way to go in matching the quality of Apple’s App Store. And it doesn’t have nearly as many tablet apps compared to Apple, which fields 250,000 iPad applications. Flurry last year said that Google Play still lagged Apple’s App Store in revenue, with Google Play’s revenue per active user 23 percent of Apple’s App Store revenue.

One Response to “Google Play reaches 25 billion downloads, 675,000 apps”

  1. If total apps and downloads are less important now, if and when Google starts approaching Apple on revenue, what then? Perhaps it’s time to get beyond the metrics chosen for us by market leaders/players. Maybe *we* should be asking what the most important (i.e., relevant) app store success metrics are to users. I’m not sure what the answer here is, but the current set of questions are just marketing tools.