Facebook pairs with Dropbox for an easier path to file-sharing


Credit: Photo courtesy Dropbox

Facebook(s fb) and Dropbox announced a partnership Wednesday that will allow members of Facebook groups to more easily share files using the popular cloud-based service. The integration is a huge boost for Dropbox, as it will introduce millions of Facebook users to the service and encourage them to share files with friends.

Dropbox announced the news on its blog Wednesday, noting that users who share their files within a Facebook group will be making those files available to all members, and changes made to the files will update for everyone else. Users can share files by choosing “Add File” on the group page, an option that will roll out slowly.

Facebook, which had more than 955 million active users in June, could likely generate a good deal of interest and new users for Dropbox. Dropbox experienced issues with hacking in August and this summer doubled the amount of storage space available to its premium users.

The move also puts Facebook closer to the enterprise world by providing solutions for people in businesses or schools that make Facebook Groups more useful, coming after the company made moves toward file-sharing among groups earlier this year.

Dropbox Facebook file-sharing screenshot



Given Dropbox’s history of overstating security of user passwords and data, a Facebook partnership is the last thing I want to see from them.


Given Facebook’s history of understating security breaches actually pairs them up squarely.

Eric Schlissel

Given Facebook’s history of understating security breaches actually pairs them up squarely.


Actually, that breach did not reveal any passwords and the emails that were leaked were mostly leaked from 3rd party software / websites linked with the account. The one error within dropbox was human error. That doesn’t make it right, and they need to reasses their security policies. But over-blowing each and every breach and misrepresenting it (i.e. as an actual hack) is not the best way to inform users and readers of information they need.

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