Android users: Got a buck? Spend it on these 4 apps


Now that the Google Play store has hit 25 billion downloads, Google(s goog) is offering select apps for a quarter over the coming days. A quick scan of today’s $0.25 picks show a wide range of apps, from exercise tracking to productivity to games and more. The whole list is worth a look, but these four titles combined are worth the dollar spend.

  • Angry Birds Space Premium. If there’s one think about Angry Birds I can’t stand — besides those snarky pig smiles — it’s the ads. They really distract from a game that’s as visual as this. I haven’t bought Angry Birds Space yet, but I will today; without the ads.
  • Office Suite Professional 6 (PDF & HD). Google Docs is getting better in the browser on Android devices, but you still can’t beat a native app for productivity. This title is normally $15, so it’s a steal at just a quarter with support for tons of features and file formats for documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Plus it synchronizes with Google Docks, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync and SkyDrive(s msft) for document storage.
  • Tasks. I’m currently using Any.Do for task management, which I like, but a task manager that syncs with Google Tasks always appeals to me. Tasks does that and provides the basics for task management with support for lists, sub-tasks and more. Plus it has the same task drag-and-drop feature found in Any.Do.
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  • Asphalt 7 Heat. Yup, I’m addicted to driving games on my mobile devices, mainly because they’re fun and can be played anytime you have five minutes or so. The Asphalt series is among my faves and the graphics in this latest edition are the best yet for the franchise.

There are even more apps for a quarter today, with a new list coming tomorrow. Any on there I missed that you’d recommend for an Android owner?



The Play Store does indeed show Office Suite Professional 6 for 25 cents but when I select ‘purchase’ it shows $14.99 will be charged to my credit card. Did this happen to you Kevin? I imagine you’ve tried most if not all of the office suites — does any one stand out? I have Documents To Go for iOS and am hoping there is a better app out there for Android. Thanks!

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