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Google would love to bounce Bing from Yahoo

Would Google(s goog) like to replace Microsoft(S msft) Bing as the search engine for yhoo)? You bet, Google chairman Eric Schmidt said in Japan this week.

Granted, this is kind of a “duh” story given the rivalry between Google and Microsoft, which wants to play David to Google in internet search. But it bears watching given that Google phenom Marissa Mayer is now CEO of Yahoo.  And, Microsoft and Yahoo’s Bing relationship has been rocky. As SearchEngineLand’s Danny Sullivan reported this summer, Microsoft has had difficulty meeting revenue guarantees under its three-year Bing deal with Yahoo.

Microsoft has been putting up a fight in search, pouring resources into Bing and even launching Bing It On, a Pepsi Challenge like consumer taste test of Bing vs. Google search. Microsoft claims Bing prevails in that contest by a 2 to 1 margin. Others report different results.

Feature photo courtesy of  Flickr user Guillaume Paumier

3 Responses to “Google would love to bounce Bing from Yahoo”

  1. The fact that people don’t use Bing amazes me, particularly considering they pay you to search! In terms of Google, there’s 0% chance an agreement with Yahoo would ever be approved by regulators…

  2. compugurl

    Last week I took the Bing It On challenge, and feel it is important to note that it is rigged. The results of the side-by-side comparison showed that when I didn’t decide a draw, I had chosen Bing every time. While, in fact, one round included a Bing Map, and I specifically remember choosing the google side during that round.