YouTube for iPad: Here’s a great alternative app for iOS6


It’s been a few days since Apple (s AAPL) started to make iOS 6 available to the general public, and the absence of any kind of YouTube (s GOOG) app has caught many iPad users by surprise. Sure, Google launched its very own YouTube app for iOS almost two weeks ago – but that app is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch, and simply doesn’t look right on an iPad display. And yes, you can also access YouTube’s mobile site – but to be honest, the experience isn’t quite the same. So what should a iPad owner do?

The answer is quite simple: Install the free Jasmine app. That’s a YouTube app made by the same independent developer who also created the iOS Reddit app Alien Blue, Jason Morrissey, who created the app for and named it after his daughter. And the app doesn’t just feature a very nice, clean and minimal design, it also comes with almost everything you’d expect from a YouTube app, including:

  • Access to featured and trending videos as well as YouTube’s topical channels
  • Access to your favorites, playlists and subscriptions
  • The ability to share videos via Twitter, email and through your iPad’s clipboard
  • The display of comments, as well as the ability to add your own comments to a video
  • A night mode with a dark background
  • Parental controls for users who purchase the Pro version
  • Airplay

This app is already so much better than Apple’s old YouTube app that came with iOS pre-installed, and it’s actually raising the bar for Google’s upcoming YouTube iPad app. Sure, it’s missing a few features, including easy sharing with Facebook (s FB) and Google+, but most of the people who are currently looking for a YouTube app alternative should be more than happy with Jasmine.

Check out a few screenshots of the app below:



This app is not functional and is only meant to rip you off your YouTube id. Please Beware


Useless, doesn’t play anything. Just like the old player from apple

Teresa Tye

I started installing this app yesterday and it has crashed. It just says “waiting” now and I can’t get rid of it. I’ve tried rebooting and restarting but nothing changes. Any ideas anyone? I wish I’d never touched it now! Thanks, Apple, for taking mine away!


Apple has done more damage to their corporate name and reputation with this sleazy little trick than any of their detractors could have imagined accomplishing. How dumb to start a war with a dearly loved provider like YouTube . Big add $$$ is at stake and they have to hold all the cards. this will come back to bite them.


iPad was very cool for a minute. But, Apples continued attempt to control people will backfire as it always has. They will be on the bottom again, and then become completly insignificant in 10 years. It’s like a dying star’s last few bursts of light.


@ Chea

It does tilt to the side quite nicely and the video is sharp. You obviously haven’t even tried it.


JUST TO LET EVERYONE KNOW….the iOS6 official Google YouTube iPHONE APP (which is free in the app store) works just fine on the iPAD!
When you launch it on the iPad, it will be the size of the iPhone on the screen BUT you can hit the 2x button in the corner and it goes to full screen without much loss in quality at all.
It will nicely tide you over until the iPad version arrives.


Oh. Yeah there is a loss in quality, and it doesn’t tilt to the side. Jasmine ’til the google version for ipad comes out.


Yes I was so disappointed when YouTube was removed once I upgrade to iOS 6. Thank you so much. I was looking for a suitable app for the past few days until now.

Terence Trethewey

Started downloading Jasmine. Three days later it is still at the Waiting stage. I am in New Zealand. How do I stop the download and how do I then reinstall?

Patrick Keenan

This is a great replacement. My only question is how do i view my “private” uploaded videos? I tried to subscribe to my own channel but the red-bar error message stated “User may not subscribe to own data”. If i can see my private uploaded videos this thing is a homerun!!! Thanks.

Bert Visscher

Since it happened only a couple of days after my purchase of the iPad, I first thought I had remembered incorrectly that it had a YouTube app. I got Jasmine, and we’re happy enough with it.

We’ve found a video that won’t play in there, possibly because we’re not logged in, but other than that, we like Jasmine.


You’re way too gaga over this app. It’ll raise the bar when they install a simple feature like being able to loop a playlist.

Joseph Jeong

Same here… Thought I was going blind… Couldn’t find my trusted YouTube App… Had a panic attack thank goodness for your post thank you


Hoping to give it a try. Can’t believe that Apple would do this and not have a YouTube replacement ready. Very disappointing of Apple.


Great! I was really in the dark when i found out youtube apps been taken out after upgrading to ios6


Actually, the YouTube app featured full movies and full episodes. I cannot get the equivalent on


Thank you for the info! When I did not see it on my iPad I got worried and even thought I had deleted it by accident…ahah

Gopakumar Menon

What about airplay to Apple TV. With YouTube gone, how will I play videos on TV

Angie Poindexter Perry

Where do I find Jasmine app so I can dowload it. I lost my YouTube after I loaded the IOS6. Is Jasmine app free? Thanks!


Thanks for this info….is there any other way we can watch videos which are to be played using adobe since apple does not support adobe flash player!!!!!


Haven’t confirmed this, but you remember youtube app didn’t show some vids is because of not ipad friendly, but this app don’t filter it seems cause isaw a vevo vid in the result


My 6yr old has loved watching Tom & jerry this evening, mind you he understands more about app’s than me lol.
I didn’t even realise YouTube app was no longer on the iPad.


Thank you for putting up this alternate option so promptly. From last night, I was literally going nuts, wondering if I am not seeing properly or did I remove it by an accident, and then, had to call I-pad customer service, who did not know himself that there was no app made for the new ipad. Now I am at peace. Thank you.

Clarence Carino

no its not simple for users outside US!!! cant download or even search the alternative app


Beware if you log in using your ‘gmail’. Your handing over your details to a third party, and personal details aren’t going to be as secure there.

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