Following Target, Walmart stops selling Kindles


Credit: Wal-Mart

Walmart(s wmt) has become the second large U.S. retail chain to announce that it will stop selling Amazon(s amzn) Kindles, after Target(s tgt) made a similar announcement in May.

Reuters first reported the news, citing a memo that Walmart sent to store managers on Wednesday. “We have recently made the business decision to not carry Amazon tablets and eReaders beyond our existing inventory and purchase commitments,” the memo read. “This includes all Amazon Kindle models current and recently announced.”

Walmart confirmed the change to Reuters and it appears to extend both to Walmart’s website and its stores.

The chain is still selling Barnes & Noble(s bks)’s Nook as well as some other e-reader brands.

As with the change in Target’s policy, it’s unclear why Walmart stopped carrying Kindles. But the company is working hard to beef up its own e-commerce strategy. The company recently built its own shopping search engine, which it is now deploying on, and it takes cash for online purchases. Meanwhile, Amazon is trying to sell as much content to Kindle device users as possible. (The company is even selling physical products through Kindle Fire apps.) So it makes sense that Walmart would not want to turn over more sales to a competitor.


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Theo Fenraven

I never once thought of buying Kindle at Walmart. I got it at Amazon. That’s also where I do most of my shopping. Why waste gas and time driving to a store when I can order it and get it shipped free? Walmart is positioning themselves into ebooks and dumping Kindle was their first step to achieving that goal. Nook will go soon.

Georgiann Mansell

Funny, but I can go on the web and buy things on and from my Kindle Fire. Sorry but your competitive whine is BS.


Well shit its not like Amazon needs Walmart any damn way. All the stuff I used to by in the brick and mortar go to Amazon by default.

Amazon will do just finnnnne


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Apple what are you waiting for Google and Amazon are squatting in your App store, time to move them out.

Peter Turner

I can’t help but wonder if Walmart and Target aren’t thinking about selling eBooks. It would dovetail into the move toward POD at retail via @HuffPostBooks

Mathew Perry

As much as I despise Walmart and the Waltons, good for them. Why promote Amazon’s services and products from a competitor. Amazon and Baldy Bezos are greedy as the Waltons. Amazon has gotten away with tax exemptions, distribution from competitors, and book pricing manipulation. Time for them to play in on more even turf.

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