Apple starts to roll out iOS 6 software update


Arriving just a few minutes before schedule, Apple’s latest mobile OS, iOS 6, is ready for download. You can find the update in the “Software Update” section of your iOS device or you can get the update via iTunes. The software is compatible with the following models: iPhone 3GS and later; fourth-generation iPod Touch and later; iPad 2 and the new, third-generation iPad.

Apple has made a lot of changes since iOS 5 was released last October. You’ll find new Mail features, a better Siri, Facebook (s fb) integration throughout the OS, improved Notifications, Passbook, Shared PhotoStreams, a new-and-improved App Store and more.

So far, most are praising the iPhone 5 and the software. There is, however, one real complaint from initial reviewers: the Maps app. Once you download the software you can see for yourself whether moving away from Google(s GOOG) Maps on the iPhone was a smart idea.

We’ve tested out many of the most interesting new features already. Here’s some of our previous analysis and reviews of iOS 6 features:


Carol Kelly Sprague

So my Ipad 1 is now obsolete. All I have ever done with the Ipad is trouble shoot. Every program I buy immediately becomes obsolete. What a piece of shit.

Carol Kelly Sprague

So my Ipad 1 is no obsolete. All I have ever don with the Ipad is trouble shoot. Every program I buy immediately becomes obsolete. What a piece od shit.


I downloaded ios6 on Wednesday and ever since have not been able to receive mail


Ever since I updated my phone does not ring, only the vibration works for calls and text.

Akbar Hassan

If i update it , the iphone does not need jailbreak again?

Jon Park

The music app is out of wack. Everytime I want to listen to the next song I have to physically change to tune. Shuffle does not work.


I updated and now my phone will not work. Worked 100% just prior to the update. Genius bar says its my fault and wants to sell me a reconditioned phone for $149. Unbelievable! It’s not the money, its the attitude. Something I have never encountered at Apple before. Seriously the updated bricked my iphone and its my fault. . .


Since downloading the update I am unable to get mail. Don’t like the maps. It doesn’t have street view which is very useful.


My daughter just tried to download software update and now her phone wont work…

Doug Elliot

If I would lose Google Maps I don’t think I’ll bother “upgrading”.


I’m downloading this right now. Just three minutes until it installs. I cannot wait!

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