10 new iOS 6 features iPad users should know


Apple didn’t spend very much time at last week’s press event discussing the details of its newest mobile operating system because, naturally, most people wanted to hear about the iPhone 5. While the focus on Wednesday, when the software becomes available for download, will be on how iOS 6 works on the iPhone there’s a lot of great new stuff for the iPad nestled in there too. The following is a list of 10 new and interesting iOS 6 features expressly for iPad users.

Before we get started with what new features you do get with the iOS 6 update for the iPad, it is important to mention what you don’t.  To start, you will not be able to update your original 2010-era iPad to iOS 6. There will be no panoramic camera, no Passbook app, and of course no enhanced Phone app with the iOS 6 update for the iPad. You may have also heard that the Google’s YouTube(s GOOG) app will not come standard with the iOS release. And when Apple decided not to use Google’s Maps app any more, they also inadvertently decided to remove Google’s StreetView capability as well.

But here’s what you do get with iOS 6 for iPad:

Siri on iPad

Siri – While the new iPad released earlier this year is able to take dictation, it was still missing the full set of features provided by Siri. Siri has also been updated and will tell you sports scores and standings for your favorite teams, recommend movies times, and show you which restaurants in your area have tables available. Siri can also now post to your Facebook(s FB) and Twitter accounts. And the updated restrictions in iOS 6 will allow you to block explicit language when using Siri.

Apple’s own Maps app – Apple has created its own Maps app that includes such features as turn-by-turn directions, three-dimensional maps and Apple’s own real-time traffic information. And if you happen to have the cellular version of the iPad, it comes with GPS built-in which makes the turn-by-turn feature useful on the iPad. Apple has also opened up the integration with the Maps app to make it easier to connect with localized map apps from developers, so keep an eye out for your local transit authority to take advantage of this new capability.

New Maps App

Facebook integration – With iOS 5, Apple added Twitter integration throughout the various apps and features of iOS. Now with iOS 6, Facebook has been added and you will find the same level of integration for Facebook throughout iOS. Sharing links from Safari, posting photos, recommending apps in the App Store, and letting people know where you are and where you are going in Maps are some of the places you can now use Facebook from your iPad.

Sharing multiple PhotoStreams – When PhotoStream was introduced as iCloud’s version of MobleMe Galleries, a negative side effect was losing the ability to create multiple streams that you could share with your family and friends. With iOS 6, now you can set up multiple PhotoStreams. When you choose to share a photo with PhotoStream, you will be prompted to choose which one you want to share that photo with. The reverse is particularly important for your iPad as you can now display photos from all of the iCloud accounts in your family, not just the one iCloud account associated with your device. It is now much easier to see all of the photos everyone has taken on at particular event or location.

Do Not Disturb – The Notifications feature has been enhanced to allow you to quickly turn off all notification settings in one swipe, just as you could before iOS 5. You can now also configure each of your mail configurations independently from within notification. So if you want to be alerted by new mail messages coming into your Google account, but not your Yahoo account, now you can.  This includes setting up a distinctive mail alert and/or vibration pattern for each account.

New iOS 6 Features

Very Important Contacts – Along with the update to the notification configurations comes the ability to create your own list of very important people. You can have calls, messages and mail notifications from these users handled differently than others. When you turn on the Do Not Disturb mode, you can allow alerts from your favorites to come through. This comes in handy if you are willing to be interrupted by only certain individuals.

iCloud tabs in Safari – Now just as you can with Safari in OS X Mountain Lion, with iOS 6 you can see what you have open in the tabs on your other devices. Organized by the name you have associated with each device, you can now see all of the most recent tabs that you have open on all of your Safari browsers, including on your iPad.

Enhanced App Store – Apple has overhauled the on device App Store interface to address the difficulty of surfacing more quality apps to users. You now have access to more information about each app including their version history. Another handy feature is that you are no longer required to enter a password for the free apps you choose to download.

New iPad Clock App

New Clock app for iPad – Narrowing the number of default iPhone apps that are missing on the iPad, Apple has decided to finally include the Clock app as a standard with iOS 6 for iPad.  The Clock app is not a direct port from the iPhone version; you can instantly tell that each feature was custom designed with the larger interface of the iPad in mind.  You have a World Clock, Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer just as you do on the iPhone version.

FaceTime everywhere – While the iPhone is getting the ability to send and receive FaceTime calls over cellular networks for the first time, Apple has enhanced Facetime so that you can receive all of your FaceTime alerts across all of your devices.  That now includes alerts that someone is trying to FaceTime you on another iOS or OS X device.  This means all your devices will ring at the same time.

Overall, the iOS 6 update is rather significant if you are the owner of a third-generation iPad.  Remember: don’t feel like you need to run out and buy an iPhone 5 in order to take advantage of all of the new features of iOS 6.



Apple are doing a great job. Most other smart phones can’t handle the simplest tasks without crashing and freezing. It’s hardly a difficult thing to open safari and use youtube that way


My YouTube icon disappears after I have installed IOS6. Why did that happen? :(

Sandra Heywood

I upgrades my iPhone 4s to ios 6 and now siri isn’t working. Anyone else having that problem?

Kristina Earwood

All in all, I quite like the new ios6, just would have liked to see you tube stay, and a core weather app on the home screen.


WORST update yet for my IPad 2. First, it won’t retain the screen lock rotation, every time I power off ans then back on the screen is in landscape mode, when I had previously selected and locked portrait.
Second, I have some Apps, that used to work just fine under the old IOS. Now the App will tell me to turn on location services. I go to settings turn on location settings and these Apps do not appear. I can’t use the App with out the location service. How do I get it to display the App. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the App 3 times with no luck. I’ve e-mailed the App help, but have never received a reply. Any suggestions?
Also how can I get the old IOS back on my IPad?

Jennifer Goodine

So ticked when I went to show my students a YouTube video today and couldn’t find the app! Finally find a way around it…an hour after school ended. Use squrl app and go into YouTube from there. THEN I had to use https://m.youtube. Have never seen an address with that ‘m’ in it before. What a hassle. Wish I hadn’t updated.


Really SAD that you no longer let us use Street View. Very disappointing!! I never wanted apple products until the iPad, still will NOT use an iPhone and now you pull this crap. Not a happy camper at the moment. Thank goodness I have street view on my Android. That’s right Android!!!!



Seams like I should not upgrade my Pad 2 . For just a clock and a Broken Map app. Plus the loss of google earth and youtube. Any security updates that I would be missing and will they pull a micro and stop supporting ios5 soon?

bookitlive Australia

The first thing my daughter notice was she could not find YouTube. We would even pay for the app

Jeanette Critien

So annoyed that there is no you tube..However I like the world clock So stupid not having youtube..
Those of you not happy about not having Sri.. No worries.. Siri stinks most times.. never gets the words right!! duh!


I updated my iPad to the Ios 6 now my YouTube is missing! Someone PLEASE HELP me please!

Gerri Nylund

Yep. IOS 6 deletes the You Tube app. You can get to it on Safari though and if you had an account and saved subscriptions, they’ll still be there.


So disappointed with the upgrade as again I am unable to access my email so I have to go in through webmail again. The map is poor compared with the previous version. Never again will I do an upgrade until the geeks write their revue of the issues and they are fixed. I do not need the frustration. Where is the professionalism in releasing a working upgrade.

Gerri Nylund

I’m. Disappointed by the loss os You Tube and that the new OS doesn’t add lyrics to music. I just don’t get why my old 2nd gen ipod touch can do it, but not the iPad2!


Unfortunately YouTube and Apple are not friends as of the moment. But the lyrics is a huge thing many miss, but they added clocks back, finally, for iPad (with stopwatch, timer, time zones and weather).
I agree they need lyrics back!


Why this is called IOS 6, beats me. It should be named IOS 5.2. It is mainly a fix to existing security issues. The so called “Features” are mostly cosmetic, the App Store has a nicer UI, functionality is not enhanced, can’t even sort the reviews no more.
The maps just suck. What else was there? Oh, yes, Siri, typing is way more efficient than trying to get to what you want through Siri.
All in all just a service pack.


I downloaded iOS 6 to my iPad, but did not get the passbook app. (The iPad was purchased in 2011). Should it have downloaded?

Diane Woodard

I’m guessing I haven’t gotten it either…where would it have shown up?

Angry mom

I absolutely hate the new ios6 youtube native app omission. My son is disabled and lives for the ease of the app and for you tube in general!!!! Without the easy youtube kid friendly accessibility, our new ipad is just an expressive piece of crap now!!! He is so upset and so am I!! I have three iPhones and two iPads. NO MORE APPLE!!!


You really share my thoughts. My son is insisting I buy the old youtube app. He is only 5 and today he has not touched the iPad2. Iam thinking why did I do the upgrade, did not get Siri, lost youtube and google maps. Hey I got a Clock, is that it……apple sucks. The good thing, I was thinking whether to go with the new iPhone5, but now that’s not an option. It is going to be note 2.

Angry mom

AJ, found this link on Apple support site. Downloaded iPhone youtube app to my ipad this way. You have to toggle 2x button and it is pretty basic, but for now it may be something that maybe your son can use. My son hasn’t used his ipad since I upgraded yesterday. He just pushes it back at me when he see’s the icon is still not there and gets upset. I couldn’t care less about google maps, but youtube being gone is devastating to us. I too was going to upgrade to an iPhone 5, but after Apple screwed their loyal customers for a power grab from google, I will look at the Android instead. Funny, I never in a million years thought I would change…it just never accrued to me. But Apple’s actions made me question everything about them. I will check with my carrier tomorrow to learn about Google products. Good luck to you. Here’s the link:


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