With iMessage outage, another hiccup for iCloud


For a couple of hours Monday, users of Apple’s iMessage (s aapl) app reported their messages were not being delivered. A quick survey by tech blog 9to5 Mac revealed that the outage wasn’t universal: 47 percent of respondents said iMessage wasn’t working for them, while 44 percent said it was working just fine. Luckily for users, the issue appears to have been mostly resolved.

Apple isn’t new to outages with its cloud products. Just last week a partial iCloud email outage affected just a little over 1 percent of Apple’s users, for which Apple apologized. There was another in late June that specifically concerned iMessage, and yet another in November 2011.

Even if the outages are brief and fixed relatively quickly, they can begin to pile up. iCloud is the centerpiece of Apple’s overall strategy — all of its devices are supposed to work together seamlessly and iCloud is a huge part of that pitch. Every time there’s an outage, the impression that Apple isn’t really on its game when it comes to cloud stuff persists. And that’s too bad, since one of the main points of spending so much on iCloud and building a credible cloud solution was to make people forget about MobileMe.



What I would like to find out, is if anybody has ever had an issue when sharing iTunes account with a family member? On September 19th, my husband somehow got intergrated into a conversation I was having with my friend. No, I wasnt sending group messages. In fact, I could see when messages were coming from my side of the conversation, though I didnt send them! Most people would think their significant other somehow hacked their account to pull a prank, but my husband isnt that IT intuned nor does he want to be bothered with mine and my friend’s silly random discussions. I dont know what fix I applied in my settings that actually did the trick, but now I keep wondering when it will happen again.

Parker Worthington

icloud is un-realible, laggy and bug ridden. I can’t believe I having these thoughts but truthfully I’m beginning to regret moving my “life” to apple in the first place.

David Mytton

Perhaps part of the problem is the lack of transparency from Apple. Even though they provide a status page at http://www.apple.com/support/icloud/systemstatus/ it doesn’t seem to include iMessage and is quite hidden in the Apple site. Plus it doesn’t feel like it’s an important part of Apple’s public message and they don’t release detailed explanations or post-mortems.

From our own service issues at Server Density and those from services we use, customers appreciate being told what the problems were and that usually makes up for the outage itself (assuming the root cause is reported then fixed so it doesn’t repeat).

Downtime is unavoidable. How you manage the response is what counts.


Its becoming clear that Apple still doesn’t get the cloud and how to manage it. They don’t understand Cloud integration, how to manage their systems across (multiple) massive data centers. Sure SMS has a security flaw so Apple says use iMessage, how exactly is that an answer to a know flaw they should be helping to plug and how is it beneficial when their iMessage service FAILS.

Adam C

iCloud was introduced in June 2011 and it takes time for this service to be perfected.

It is easy to throw the book at Apple when their services failed but come back in a few years when their servers farm are fully operational and their services are matured.

But in the mean time you can still accuse them of failing when they are at fault an it is good for you.


The idea that a server/service isn’t going to go down at some point is unrealistic. It’s never convenient and can be very frustrating, but it’s impossible for anyone to name a provider that hasn’t had issues in the past and won’t in the future. Apple is superior in numerous ways and I’m not an Apple apologist, but it seems the bar is being set higher because of their success. Success does not equal perfection…or full control of the Interwebs.

Anyone that depends on a single provider be it messaging, email, etc. is bound to be disappointed. The only way to ensure that you can text/message or email is to have access to more than one account. These things happen.


Pathetic isn’t it when you start any communication off by, Test 1… Test 2??

The apple has a worm and needs some high tech pesticide so it’s doesn’t continue to fall far from the tree.

What about the disaster about the UDID’s missing and hacked. Hope yours isn’t one of them.

Ric Brook

So why does Google’s servers for Gmail or Talk go down? Oh that’s right because they have multiple backups to prevent this happening!

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