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Want a Tesla Model S? Try eBay

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If you want to buy one of Tesla’s new electric sedans, the Model S, chances are you’ll have to wait until at least sometime next year to get it — the cars, which are being produced in the thousands, are on back order for months. That is, unless you want to turn to eBay: Autoblog Green found a Model S for sale on eBay for $145,000.

The seller, who could make a tidy profit of 50 percent off of the Signature Series, says the car will be delivered on October 14. Bids on the car — which has a red paint job and has a 265-mile range — are being accepted until September 20.

2 Responses to “Want a Tesla Model S? Try eBay”

  1. Is this what GigaOM has boiled down to now? 100-word blogposts which don’t really contribute anything new? This reads more like an ad for the eBay seller rather than an educative / informative article. FYI Model S ‘s have been on Craigslist for a few months now.