Oh snap: Google acquires Apple’s favorite iPad app


Apple is a huge fan of Snapseed, the mobile photo editor for iPad and iPhone from Nik Software. So much so, in fact, that Apple(s AAPL) named it the 2011 “iPad App of the Year.” But Snapseed has an even bigger admirer in Google,(s GOOG) which just bought the German company behind the app, according to a report by The Verge.

Apple’s iPhone has long been a haven for mobile photographers. For years it was the most popular camera used on Flickr(s YHOO) photos. When Instagram arrived with its easy-to-apply faux-vintage filters, it was an almost-instant sensation for mobile, social photography, and it was iPhone-only. The app has since expanded to Google’s Android OS, and of course, was acquired by Facebook(s FB). But Instagram’s quick success illustrated the importance of simple, high-quality photo-editing apps to mobile users, on smartphones and tablets.

So as amusing as it is, Google’s purchase of the company behind Snapseed, an Apple staff favorite, is not just Google trolling Apple. It’s several things. It’s Google understanding the necessity of offering high-quality photo editing within its overall ecosystem; aiming to improve its own current offerings like Picasa; and boosting the fast-growing photography community within Google+.



Don’t’ want to jump to any conclusions but this usually doesn’t end well. Despite what Google thinks, many photographers are not going to be pleased with this news. Many really like the Nik product line but I can’t imagine Google focusing on the developing the product line. The main focus is to just use the current product line for Google+ and/or Picasa. Damn shame. I hope people just start waking up and realizing that this trend of chronic acquisitions is bad for consumers. Especially, as someone before mention, when it doesn’t make sense.


Hopefully it will not get a dev team drain like their other recent acquisition Sparrow which is going to get ZERO new features and that team has been folded into Gmail. Here’s a suggestion, ditch Gmail for iOS and rename Sparrow into Gmail for iOS and add on that.

Kill the crap app and build on the better one instead of the other way around.


Google will just drain it for all it’s worth and then kill it before its time, like Picnik.


I’m a bit tired of companies that see $$$ and not think of what’s best for their customers. How would their photoshop products possibly benefit in the hands of Google. Adobe maybe. Apple…. possibly…but Google? I realize that part of being in business is making money, but would’t it make sense to see if the buyer is a good fit for your customers? Not Google bashing… just doesn’t seem like a good match.

Khürt Williams 

Google doesn’t know anything about creating professional quality software used by paying professionals. I’ve got some NikSoftware installed and I’m worried that I may now have to go to a Google Group for support. Good-bye NikSoftare.


Another Google program off the list. Apple can now duplicate all its functionally and kick it off.


Forget Snapseed. Holy schmank, Google bought out Nik Software! This is going to be interesting what this means to image professionals.

Khürt Williams 

Agreed, NikSoftware is very popular among photographers. I certainly hope Google doesn’t do something stupid.

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