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The Commutist episode 2: Apple’s event and why an LTE iPhone is a big deal

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The Commutist is a weekly GigaOM podcast giving you all the tech news and analysis you need to know on your way into work.

With Apple’s big iPhone 5 event this week, what other tech news is there to cover? We give you the big takeaways and explain why Apple’s LTE move means more than just speed. Also, a quick heads up that The Commutist is now available on iTunes!


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Hosts: Chris Albrecht and Erica Ogg

0:00:00 – 0:21:00 – Om Malik joins in to give his takes on what this latest Apple event says about the company.

0:21:00 – 0:37:00 – GigaOM writer Kevin Fitchard breaks down everything you could ever possibly want to know about LTE networks and why Apple’s move into 4G is a big deal.

0:37:00 – 0:40:00 – Parting gifts:

Chris brazenly recommends his own timelapse video from outside the Apple event.

Erica likes the Olloclip lens attachments for the iPhone.

Kevin really likes GoJee for making killer meals from what you have.

The Commutist theme song written and performed by Phil Reno.

Episode 1: Come on Kindle Light My 4G Fire

6 Responses to “The Commutist episode 2: Apple’s event and why an LTE iPhone is a big deal”

  1. Chris Albrecht

    Rich, WordPress isn’t letting me reply directly, but I do appreciate both your listernership and your comment! We are getting better with each one and sound quality is of utmost importance to us.

    Thanks again!

  2. Listening to this as a soundhead (i.e. a critical listener), Erica’s audio was flawed in several ways:

    (1) She was too far back from the mic, so that there was excessive room reverb, which had somewhat of a degrading effect on voice intelligibility.

    (2) There were several instances of interfering noise – tearing paper, loud bangs, and someone talking in the far backdrop (unlike the other two, this last one was at a low level, but still audible). I can’t be certain these sounds originated at Erica’s location, but they did occur while she was talking.

    (3) In the later part of Erica’s comments there was a very noticeable gating effect on her voice, which made the softer components of her voice approach inaudibility. This degrades voice intelligibility to a very significant degree. (Last week I noticed the same thing on Laura Hazard Owen’s voice.)

    • Chris Albrecht

      Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

      I truly do appreciate your audiophile’s take on the podcast, and yes, recording Erica yesterday was a challenge for a number of reasons.

      Some days when you’re in the field, you have to do the best with what you have.

      Hopefully you were able to look past some audio inconsistencies and enjoy the meat of what she and Om and Kevin were saying.

      • Yes please don’t misunderstand – I did pay attention to the content and did enjoy it. I’m glad you guys are doing these podcasts. It’s just that being a lifelong soundhead I can’t help noticing anything that falls below the audio standards of a major-market FM radio station.

        I also know how really difficult audio can be, especially in the field. Like you say, sometimes you have to take whatever you can get.