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The Apple Roundup: Apple’s iPhone 5 pre-order stock sells out in an hour

With so many people writing about Apple(s AAPL), finding the best stories and reports isn’t easy.┬áHere’s our daily pick of stories about the company from around the Web that you shouldn’t miss:

  • The iPhone 5 was a pretty badly kept secret. Another thing that wasn’t a surprise? It sold out in the first hour it was available for pre-order this morning on Apple’s website. (via Techcrunch)
  • Also not a shock: iPhone carriers’ servers were overloaded by customers attempting to order or upgrade to the iPhone 5 earlier this morning. However, Apple seemed to find a way around the issue. (via AppleInsider)
  • That lack of surprise has some in the tech world complaining that Apple is “boring” now. Here’s an interesting argument from designer Francisco Inchauste on how boring is really another word for the slow, consistent pursuit of perfection.
  • Apple’s impact on the global economy is even bigger than you might think. Bloomberg Businessweek looks at how the sudden demand for new gadget shipments, including the iPhone 5 and later this quarter, new devices from Amazon(s AMZN), could impact the fortunes of the likes of FedEx.(s FDX)
  • Apple executives didn’t talk about it at the iPhone event on Wednesday, but iOS 6 will apparently have new features that will allow IT departments to better control how employees are using iPads, Wired reports.

4 Responses to “The Apple Roundup: Apple’s iPhone 5 pre-order stock sells out in an hour”

  1. Another misleading headline by Erica Ogg. Anyone can walk into any Verizon store and come out in a few minutes with a brand new iPhone 5…as usual. Radioshack seem to have them in stock as well. So, if you are planning to stand in line or order things at midnight, you are wasting your time.

  2. RaptorOO7

    First off, I did not get up at 3:01am Eastern time to pre-order mine and I’m glad I didn’t try. I did check out Apple’s site around 7am and found it was already a two week lead time.

    So off to Verizon Wireless’s site and they were showing 9/21 so no biggie, get to work and get it ordered (system was a bit slow). Get to work, forget had to take care of work stuff and by 11am Verizon Wireless sold out of their “initial stock” so now my order is 9/26 . . . or sooner, IF, someone cancels their order or doesn’t accept the email info sent to confirm the order in a timely fashion (here’s to lazy users across the country not watching their Gmail accounts).

    So mine is on order . . . but I have to say. What exactly was the US pre-order stock available at US carriers and for US? I’m sure it was big, but were the rumors of display shortages meant to push users into over hyper drive?

    I have to confess this iPhone was not the big surprise since it had more leaks than the Titanic and we knew everything about it (even if developers didn’t take the hint and start working on 1136×960 4″ resolution work).

    What did Apple sell, how much of this was pent up demand since a lot of iPhone 4S’s were’t selling during August/September while users waited.

    Now that Apple has the iPhone 4 for FREE, iPhone 4S for $99 and the iPhone 5 will they actually break down the number of iPhones by model sold or just lump them together to hype the “next big record”.

    You see I have owned a lot of Mac hardware, have a MBP, Cinema Display, iPad 3, 64GB LTE iPhone 5 64GB LTE (on order) yet I can tell it like it is with Apple .

    Oh and one more thing, did anyone bother to notice that Apple FAILED to support simultaneous Voice and Data over LTE or Data on LTE with Voice on 3G for CDMA carriers in the US? Well Android phones can DO that and Apple can’t. Yet another area Apple FAILED. Let the fragmentation begin.