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Live blog: Apple iPhone 5 event

Unless you’ve been living under a rock — or avoiding the internet the last few weeks — you know what’s happening today: Apple’s iPhone event. We’re covering Apple’s press event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Om Malik and I will be providing up-to-the-minute coverage as CEO Tim Cook and other Apple executives take the stage to introduce us to what in all likelihood will be Apple’s latest smartphone.

Here’s what has been announced:

  • iPhone 5: Faster (with LTE), thinner, and lighter. Prices are the same ($199 to $399 depending on storage) and it goes on sale Sept. 21st. iOS 6, announced earlier this year, will be available on the 19th.More details here.
  • Time for new iPhone cords: The iPhone 5 uses a new pin-connector technology called Lightning.
  • iTunes 11 will be released shortly, with updates for both the iPhone and the Mac versions.
  • New iPods: the iPod Nano has been redesigned with a larger screen, and the iPod Touch will use the same 4-inch screen (also larger) as the iPhone 5.

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  2. gregsmacintosh

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