Live blog: Apple iPhone 5 event


Unless you’ve been living under a rock — or avoiding the internet the last few weeks — you know what’s happening today: Apple’s iPhone event. We’re covering Apple’s press event at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. Om Malik and I will be providing up-to-the-minute coverage as CEO Tim Cook and other Apple executives take the stage to introduce us to what in all likelihood will be Apple’s latest smartphone.

Here’s what has been announced:

  • iPhone 5: Faster (with LTE), thinner, and lighter. Prices are the same ($199 to $399 depending on storage) and it goes on sale Sept. 21st. iOS 6, announced earlier this year, will be available on the 19th.More details here.
  • Time for new iPhone cords: The iPhone 5 uses a new pin-connector technology called Lightning.
  • iTunes 11 will be released shortly, with updates for both the iPhone and the Mac versions.
  • New iPods: the iPod Nano has been redesigned with a larger screen, and the iPod Touch will use the same 4-inch screen (also larger) as the iPhone 5.



iPhone 5 looks fun but not revolutionary. It is almost like Apple has began chasing the market again which brought them down in 90s. I just got a beautiful iPhone 4S 6 months ago, and a beautiful wristlet case from Not impressed with IPhone 5 and will not be upgrading any time soon.

Ben Branam

Total and utter disappointment. All I cared about was a smaller iPad. Everything else was no secret. Everything got leaked. I don’t know if I can wait until x-mas for another example. I might have to buy something else.


I’m more excited that you’re close to the foo fighters than this event (since we already knew what was coming!)

Brad Delaney

I wonder when developers will be able to download the new goldmaster…

Nicole Solis

We’re having some issues with our photo uploader, unfortunately. We’ll gather the good ones and do a photo gallery after the event is over, to give you all the eye candy you can handle!

Nicole Solis

Yep! Same prices as iPhone 4S: $199 (16 GB), $299 (32 GB), $399 (64 GB).


They intro’d the iPhone 5 so quickly…what else is coming…iPad mini?? Fingers crossed

Nicole Solis

Hey, all. Momentary glitch with our auto-refresh code. Our ace dev team is looking into it and we’ve hacked it so the page will auto-refresh for you. If you’re not seeing all the updates, click refresh and the auto-refresh should take over after that.

Sorry for the inconvenience. (It worked like a charm last week for the Amazon event.)

Stephen Duke

does anyone know if there is a live video feed from the Yerba Buena Center?

Nicole Solis

No live video, sadly. Apple hasn’t streamed live video of their events in ages.

Stephen Duke

I’m all about which LTE networks the iPhone 5 will support. My friends in Singapore and Australia want to know too!

P.B. Jovan

One of the big let downs of iPhone 5 is the storage limitation. Although Apple could have put 64GB of storage in there, they claim they didn’t have the room for it. I think they just want to sell you a 64GB iPhone next year. That sucks because marketing is taking over customer needs.

P.B. Jovan

Apple’s “fake multitasking” sucks for 2 reasons. For one, it’s not real multitasking because not all apps can take advantage of it. Sure you can argue that multitasking drains the battery, but that’s not the point here. Second reason why multitasking on the iPhone 4 sucks is because it quickly gets ugly in your app switching dock since Apple doesn’t kill apps until the OS deems it necessary. At any time I have between 10 and 20 apps in my app switcher, making it very busy.

Jacob Summerhays

I would love to get another surprise leak….like apple TV. I don’t think it is happening, but it would be great to be truly surprised

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