YouTube launches its own iPhone application, iPad app coming next


YouTube just went live with its own iOS (s AAPL) app, bringing advanced features like social sharing, access to the site’s channel guide as well as tens of thousands of previously unavailable music videos to the iPhone. The application replaces a system app developed by Apple (s AAPL) that won’t be part of iOS 6. It is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch, but iPad fans won’t have to wait much longer: “We are working on the iPad app,” said YouTube’s (s GOOG) head of mobile Andrey Doronichev when I asked him about tablet support last week.

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One of the app’s most notable new features, if you can call it that, are ads. Launching its own app means that YouTube can now monetize its videos on the iPhone. For YouTube, this means making more money with mobile: The site also announced Tuesday that it now clocks 1 billion mobile views every single day. For more on YouTube’s mobile strategy, check out my conversation with Youtube Director of Product Management Shiva Rajaraman at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco next week.

The flip side of having ads on the iPhone is that videos from major labels and other big publishers, which had opted out of the previous, ad-free app, are now available on iOS. Doronichev told me that this move unlocks “tens of thousands of pretty popular videos.”

Other features include easier sharing through Twitter, Facebook (s FB) and Google+, as well as the ability to leave comments on a video while you’re still watching it. YouTube’s iOS app also supports AirPlay mirroring, and Doronichev said that there are plans to bring second-screen functionality for additional devices to the app as well.

The iPhone app doesn’t look exactly like YouTube’s Android app, but it includes most of its features, with a few notable exceptions: YouTube recently introduced pre-caching of videos on Android, making it possible to download HD versions of your video subscriptions which can then be watched on the go. The same thing is not possible on iOS because it requires the app to run in the background, explained Doronichev.

The Google-developed app will replace Apple’s own YouTube application, which won’t be included in iOS 6 anymore, and has received few updates over the years. Apple said last month that its licensing agreement with Google to build a YouTube app has run out. Taking over the development of the app will mean that users won’t have to wait all that long for updates anymore, said Doronichev. “We will be able to innovate and roll out new features more frequently,” he told me, adding: “It’s going to be a big change for users.”

Check out some pictures of the new app below:



Corporate America making fools of us all….get you addicted to something then remove it then offer an alternative with less features……but what’s this if I pay of the premium version I get the features I used to ave for free plus a few more that I may or may need.

Corporate America have learnt very well from the Columbian drug cartels


Hay any one can help me..I have IPad 2 and my child deleted YouTube player frm it..can any one help to how to download it again..I checked in App Store bt can’t find it original player I got when I purchase iPad ..


This is really annoying, Apple I state that you are doomed without Steve jobs,YouTube is especially what made iPhones and iPods cool now that you’ve taken it away people are complaining because they’ve lost there previous favorites on the original installment of YouTube they also state the layout and format of the original is better and less confusing/problematic,you are pissing a lot of people off
*warn people next time!!!! So they will choose weather or not to download* I mean seriously? I read the IOS6 installment and it did not state that it would get rid of YouTube including all my favorites you
Ugh you know what I’m just gonna buy an android or Samsung I don’t have to worry so much about a stupid phone or pod and I don’t have to keep upgrading this damn thing
Wall…meet my iPhone



and it sucks !!!! :(

They forgot several features…… idiots

Consumer X

What about all my favorites?! Over time I collected a nice selection of movies which disappeared without warning when updating my iPad. Thanx a lot.
Why wasn’t there an option to keep using the old YouTube app? Why didn’t they roll out with the new app together with the software update, so we could have a smooth transition? With a possible option to transport/import your favorites.
Now I’m left with using the crummy alternative. Thanx again


I turned my Ipad on and what did I find no YouTube app,but I did find a clock,I can only speak for myself but,I personally don’t want to know what time it is in other countries,as for the alarm,I have clocks that do just the same job and at the same time believe it or not tell me the time as well.As. For the YouTube app I’m gutted,I built up a collection of music which was relevant to me,and now it’s gone,OK I’ve downloaded Jasmine,It’s great to be honest,but its not the same,and I’m thinking will it get back to how it was,I’m not interested in “it’s going to be better” I would just like to get back to how it was,and I’m sure a lot of these people on this page would like this.

Oliver Dumas

I really liked the You Tube browser. I hope it is replaced soon. The alternatives are not that great.


Hello, can anyone help me? I can’t find in the new app my favorite..history of last played videos etc.etc.I really liked more the old one version. Why can’t we have a right of choice about which app we prefer to use?…If anyone can help me finding my favorites or history I would be really grateful. Thanks in advance.


I think the people at apple are all smelly single men who don’t appreciate the fact that YouTube on the iPad gives you half an hour more time in bed whilst your kid watches cbeebies on iplayer. Mega tired and mega pissed off!

Colin Woods

I’m not to concerned about the lack of AirPlay as I have hard wired my iPad to both of my tv’s using a HDMI adaptor for £15 x 2 and two HDMI cables one is 7.5m at a cost of £8.49 and a 10m cable for £10.49 and they are both running around my skirting boards in the living room and bedroom. A fraction of the cost of appleTV. The only video that will not play on my tv is my SKYgo app but most games and video players will all play full screen on my tv and are a much better quality that AirPlay


Google failed in a few things. No airplay, no background play, no iPad version. To me this app is useless.


What the hell, I watch YouTube on my iPad because there are no commercials, and because it simple -_-


why didnt you guys leave things alone….dont fix whats not broken….the old youtube app was very useful, easy and relieable….thanks for screwing up the old version for this stupid app for youtube .

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