YouTube launches its own iPhone application, iPad app coming next


YouTube just went live with its own iOS (s AAPL) app, bringing advanced features like social sharing, access to the site’s channel guide as well as tens of thousands of previously unavailable music videos to the iPhone. The application replaces a system app developed by Apple (s AAPL) that won’t be part of iOS 6. It is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch, but iPad fans won’t have to wait much longer: “We are working on the iPad app,” said YouTube’s (s GOOG) head of mobile Andrey Doronichev when I asked him about tablet support last week.

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One of the app’s most notable new features, if you can call it that, are ads. Launching its own app means that YouTube can now monetize its videos on the iPhone. For YouTube, this means making more money with mobile: The site also announced Tuesday that it now clocks 1 billion mobile views every single day. For more on YouTube’s mobile strategy, check out my conversation with Youtube Director of Product Management Shiva Rajaraman at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco next week.

The flip side of having ads on the iPhone is that videos from major labels and other big publishers, which had opted out of the previous, ad-free app, are now available on iOS. Doronichev told me that this move unlocks “tens of thousands of pretty popular videos.”

Other features include easier sharing through Twitter, Facebook (s FB) and Google+, as well as the ability to leave comments on a video while you’re still watching it. YouTube’s iOS app also supports AirPlay mirroring, and Doronichev said that there are plans to bring second-screen functionality for additional devices to the app as well.

The iPhone app doesn’t look exactly like YouTube’s Android app, but it includes most of its features, with a few notable exceptions: YouTube recently introduced pre-caching of videos on Android, making it possible to download HD versions of your video subscriptions which can then be watched on the go. The same thing is not possible on iOS because it requires the app to run in the background, explained Doronichev.

The Google-developed app will replace Apple’s own YouTube application, which won’t be included in iOS 6 anymore, and has received few updates over the years. Apple said last month that its licensing agreement with Google to build a YouTube app has run out. Taking over the development of the app will mean that users won’t have to wait all that long for updates anymore, said Doronichev. “We will be able to innovate and roll out new features more frequently,” he told me, adding: “It’s going to be a big change for users.”

Check out some pictures of the new app below:


Lydia Schrufer

Just downloaded the latest Apple up date & to my utter dismay YouTube is GONE!!:( Do hurry up with the new iPad version because the app ( for .99 cents) YouPad ,is one horrible experience. And YouTube for iPad is , alas, no where to be found!?? What’s the ETA, btw?


Hi. I found that if you open the Music app, that’s preloaded on the ipod(3) select Airplay, close the Music app. Then open Safari and find YouTube , you will find it plays in AirPlay automatically. Volume can be controlled by the physical control switch on the side of the iPod. This is not ideal but will be ok until an iPod app comes along. I would never have downloaded ios6 if I had known o f this issue.


This just killed my 1.5 year old’s youtube ipad’s routine. My wife’s a preschool teacher and reinforcing youtube vids really help my son’s brain development. He learned his numbers and abc’s in youtube through ipad’s easy controls by himself. It’s a shame that big corps bickering like these can ruin fun and learning for the little ones.

Srinivas Murty

Using the iPhone version of the app on an iPad truly sucks as it isn’t full screen.


This isn’t good for iphone users. Google is an ad whore, and maybe on Android it’s fine since everything runs on ads and its users are fine with that, but it’s a problem for many iphone guys like myself. Very disappointed.


After I installed te new apple softwear, youtube is eraised… What do i have to do now, since my IPad is not downloading Youtube anymore…

Olavi Kaste

Using YouTube with Safari simply sucks! And why:
– No “real” full screen
– No build in volume control
– No touch adjustable wind
– No AirPlay button on the screen
Google I so late with iPad app. I was amazed that couldn’t found that from the App Store already.


Yay! Can’t wait to have even more ads shoving their way onto every screen in front of me!
I’d rather have a few less videos, thanks. I didn’t even realise they were missing.


As far as I know, even my 5 year old son kept the iPad2 away, saying he liked the previous old youtube better. He does not know that I have upgraded to iOS6 and screwed it up big time. Neither did I get Siri and I have lost google maps and youtube both. Apple you suck….. Suck big time….

Maureen day

As alot of people say in another way of ‘Why replace something that ain’t broken’

Adam Kirk

Seriously people read the post before you start whining!

It is optimized for the iPhone and iPod touch, but iPad fans won’t have to wait much longer: “We are working on the iPad app,” said YouTube’s head of mobile Andrey Doronichev when I asked him about tablet support last week.

It’s not the end of the YouTube app on iOS’s.

Adam Kirk

I’m hoping that the new app will allow more access to YouTube members like comments, contacts, messages, stats of uploaded videos & so forth; being able to access these features from an app on a mobile device on top of the PC Website version would be epic.


My 5 year old grandson has autism. One of the greatest strides he has made is to learn to use the iPad. He spends hours on You Tube…or did. We get a notice to update the iPad software. Great! No You Tube anymore. That’s bad enough but then to find out that the replacement app isn’t ready yet? I’m sure both Apple and Google are going take a some bad press on this one. The iPadhas been found to be one of the greatest achievements to help the autistic. It has been a learning tool, a communication tool, and with the You Tube app it WAS used for all of that plus it brought some entertainment into his life. How do we tell him it doesn’t work anymore? Thank you for all the help with the autistic people in the world. It’s obvious it hasn’t touched your life, yet.


You can still get the iPhone app on the iPad. It’s THE most significant tool in autism since its original diagnosis. I hope the app I’ve suggested helps and the change in layout isn’t too traumatic :-)

Return the OriApp!

this new app sucks! ios youtube app was much simpler, and didn’t look like htc youtube! I even dislike the idea of a no on-screen volume slider….and even viewing videos while reading comments??? The whole reason I liked the iOS youtube app was because I DIDN’T HAVE TO LOOK AT THEM Google get rid of vertical viewing this isn’t an Android it’s an Apple device!! RETURN THE ORIGINAL APP


The whole reason for me purchasing apple TV was to airplay from iphone/ipad which was working well until I updated the software. Now it only broadcasts the audio to the TV. Useless!! Going to have to try and reinstall the older version now. Idiots


Why isn’t there an ipad app for youtube? They have it for the iPhone. It was on the iPad but now after the update is not on there and there isn’t an youtube app for the iPad now. WTF fix it now please. I liked it like it was why did google take it away from the iPad. Come on now please put it ba k on the iPad.

Alan Lancaster

Google DIDNT take it away. Apple did. My god, does no-one actually read these articles?


Bugger. Upgraded my new iPad to iOS 6 today … And now realise the google youtube app isn’t yet available. Doh!!

Ben B

I actually liked the old, now extinct built-in YouTube browser. It was simper. The “official” one is way too cluttered for my liking. Also, Google had plenty of time and resources to design an app for iPad and they failed.

Alejandro Lamothe Cervera

I can not use my apple TV with my iPad does any body know why?

Sparkle Beautiful

I’m SO excited for the iPad version – the pre-installed app is really helping me work on my patience :)


No airplay of video is very annoying and makes it useless. I have to now keep one of my idevices on ios5 just to use built-in youtube app! :(


Try this app called “Twonky Beam Browser”. It works just like a browser and it’ll let you AirPlay any content from youtube, vimeo, dailymotion etc to apple-tv.

David Røpke Driessen

Really annoying that the player does not have “true” full screen when you evoke airplay on an apple tv

Alejandro Lamothe Cervera

I can not evoke airplay using my iPad and youtube in Internet, the app has been erased form my iPad, can you help me?


The ‘old’ YouTube app has been deleted for ios6, and YouTube are bringing out a new one “soon”. You can use the web version for now.

Fred Barrett

More money for YouTube. I did notice the YouTube apps did not have AirPlay. I thought they did. The App is much nicer. I think YouTube will generate a lot of revenue from this.


Hi there, I’m confused by your statement “For more on YouTube’s mobile strategy, check out my conversation with Youtube Director of Product Management Shiva Rajaraman at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco next week.”. Did you already have the conversation next week or are you just promoting the event and that you will be talking with Shiva? If that is the case, then maybe “… check out by upcoming conversation with…” would make more sense. Thanks for a great article, I’m excited to see the new app. -Rick

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