Uh oh: Github’s down!

Github, a go-to site among software developers for shared code and related information, is having a bad couple of days.

The site experienced a major outage early Tuesday. At 8:35 a.m. PST, it posted that it took down a bad database and was working to restore the affected database cluster. Over the course of the morning the company’s status site alternated between “major service outage” and “partial service outage” messages.

The problems may be rippling from outages on Monday when the site was down for just short of 20 minutes, according to The Next Web.

Github going down is no small thing. Developers from newbies to superstars like Ray Ozzie (former chief software architect for Microsoft(s msft) ) love the site, which acts as a central repository for much of the open-source code that runs our world.

As one Twitter poster commented, if Github isn’t working, real work doesn’t get done.

A spokesman for the San Francisco-based company said it will publish a post mortem to its blog later today.