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Madvertise launches real-time bidding and reveals sudden growth spurt

Real-time bidding has been a feature of desktop ad exchanges for a few years now, and now it’s coming to their mobile counterparts as well. Well, to be precise, it’s been out on Mobclix’s platform for almost two years, but now a competitor, Madvertise, is also getting in on the game.

Madvertise’s RTB feature comes as part of its new madPlus platform, revealed on Monday. The platform also comes with a campaign-planning tool called madPlus Trading and is, according to Madvertise global partnerships chief Vincent Pelillo, fully compliant with the OpenRTB 2.0 technical standard.

Mobile advertising, accidental clicks, click fraudAll of which is quite similar to what Smaato, a U.S. competitor that also has a European office in Germany, announced just last month. So what’s the difference here?

As previously, Madvertise is heavily touting its core targeting tech. While Apple scratches its head trying to figure out a successor to the unique device identifier (UDID) technology that recently hit headlines again thanks to the mysterious actions of hackers at Anonymous, tracking user behaviour has become a complicated business.

And Madvertise reckons its secret-sauce algorithms, which correlate dozens of data types from rough location to browser and app choice, give the company a fighting chance in targeting specific demographics.

As Pelillo put it:

“We have the ability to do some interesting things due to our experience as a network. We get to start with all the data, experience, and traffic that comes from our network business, and the partners we integrate can immediately benefit from that. Since we are integrating the supply, the demand, and the exchange, we offer a turn-key solution for anyone interested in doing business with us. As a result improved targeting and machine learning techniques can result in higher eCPMs for publishers and better campaign targeting/delivery for advertisers and agencies.”

The company already seems to be making impressive headway. When we last caught up with Madvertise in May, the company was touting two billion monthly impressions – and that was taking into account the impressions it was buying in through its purchase of Turkish rival Mobilike.

Now it says it’s scoring six billion monthly impressions. That’s 200 percent growth in five months.

According to Pelillo, the sudden growth spurt is down to a few factors: footprint growth in Spain, Italy, the UK and Germany; the aftermath of the Mobilike acquisition; and a huge amount of supply-side partnership-inking over the last four months, in anticipation of the madPlus RTB launch we see today.