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Say goodbye to knotted earbud cords for $10

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Surely I’m not the only one that has to untangle headphone cords on a regular basis. Or maybe I’m the last person on the planet making the full-time move to wireless Bluetooth earbuds? Regardless, this $10 solution called the Nest Earbud Protector that I found when reading Gear Diary ought to have a large potential audience.

The concept is simple: Place your ‘buds in the flexible silicone product and then wrap up the cords. Since the low-cost solution is easy to bend, it folds in on itself to protect your headphones and the cord. And when you need you ‘buds, you just pull them out and the cords follow with nary a tangle.

I’ve seen a number of similar solutions before, but few actually protect the headphones; most just manage the cords, so I’ll likely invest the ten-spot.

8 Responses to “Say goodbye to knotted earbud cords for $10”

  1. Morgan Skilling

    I do try and wind my own earbud cord after the gym, but I’m not perfect with it. So many mornings I have blearily unwind and untangle my headphone cord for my pre-dawn trip to the gym. I like this idea and will probably make it a stocking stuffer.

  2. John Adams

    The problem is the cord, not the case.

    Anti-tangle cords have been around for ages, it’s just that the cheap headphone manufacturers tend not to use them.

    Look at the flat headphone cords on Beats Audio, or the anti-tangle cords on the Ultimate Ears In-Ear-Monitors.

    They’re effective at stopping this problem, but those headphones cost far more than $10.