SocialFlow debuts Crescendo, an attention buying platform


SocialFlow, which got on the radar of marketers by helping them time their social messages, is now rolling out  the second of its 1-2 punch, a paid media tool called Crescendo that is launching Thursday for Facebook (s fb). The tool is designed to help brands buy ads at the cheapest price by monitoring the changing conversations and actions of fans.

Crescendo works alongside SocialFlow’s existing optimized publisher tool now called Cadence, which helps marketers send out tweets and updates at the time that their fans are most receptive to them. With Crescendo, marketers have a cost-effective way to target consumers who are not following the brand.

The secret sauce behind Crescendo and Cadence is the way New York City-based SocialFlow understands what people are talking about and where their attention is likely to turn to over time. That allows the company to stay ahead of followers and keep sending messages that are likely to be complementary to their discussion. Now, with Crescendo, SocialFlow can use its knowledge to buy up the right keywords for Facebook ads that reflect what their most engaged fans are talking about and sharing at the moment. So instead of buying against larger buckets of expensive keywords, SocialFlow can pick off terms that are being discussed in real time and then buy them for less money.

SocialFlowUsing SocialFlow’s dashboard, customers can target customers by geography and demographics and set how much they want to spend. And then they let Crescendo buy the right keywords automatically. This is important because as some popular conversation topics emerge, which can drive up the cost of certain words, Crescendo can move on to the next set of keywords as it anticipates the flow of attention. The dashboard shows users how much their spending is worth in terms of cost per clicks, cost per likes and other metrics.

Frank Speiser, SocialFlow’s co-founder and CEO, told me marketers can’t be expected to track every conversation and respond in real time. But with Crescendo, SocialFlow helps companies insert themselves into conversations in a helpful way by being timely and listening to what people are saying.

“If you want to be relevant and not intrusive, you have to listen to where the conversation is and you have to fit in with the conversation and where it’s flowing,” Speiser said. “It has to be adding to the experience. No one likes a commercial, but if it’s contextually relevant, it feels like I’m helping at the right time and place.”

Crescendo is designed to work with Cadence and highlights how paid and earned media can work together. By building up a large following of fans, a brand can tap into the conversations of active users to learn how to target similar consumers on the open market. And ultimately, if a paid ad works, it can turn a consumer into a fan, allowing a marketer to get more out of their earned media.

LIPMAN advertising, which has been testing Crescendo with one of its brand customers, said it was able to double conversion rates and produce more qualified “likes” using Crescendo.

“Partnering with SocialFlow has enabled us to significantly amplify brand messages dynamically to the right audiences, at the right time in their journey,” says Jennifer Pasiakos, VP of digital at LIPMAN. “Together we are inspiring more users to join the conversation, share their own experiences and ultimately create a more engaged, deeply loyal community.”

SocialFlow’s approach to social media advertising makes a lot of sense especially in today’s attention economy. These days, everything is competition for a user’s attention, whether it’s media, advertising, games or just life. More and more, it comes down to listening to what a user is talking about and reacting quickly.

Image courtesy of Flickr user xthylacine

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