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Microsoft to Google: Bing it on

Microsoft(s msft) has long struggled to convince users that its Bing search engine delivers better, more focused results than Google’s(s goog) market-leading search.

Now it’s challenging users to put the two searches through their paces in a “side by side search-off” at BingItOn.

Microsoft claims Bing as a 2:1 winning ratio. I tried it a couple of times, with Google winning once and the two engines fighting to a draw twice. To me, Google still has better “news” search which is what’s most important to me. But go ahead, try it and let us know in comments how it went for you.

22 Responses to “Microsoft to Google: Bing it on”

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  2. douloscristou

    Google won 4-1 for me. It is interesting that while Bing informed me that ”Google may have won this one, but users chose Bing 2-1 in the study” not a single person has reported that Bing outperformed Google.

  3. To me, this seems as effective as their IE9 rigged browser tests were when using other browsers to perform them. 2/1 yet anyone with an ouce of tech knowledge will end up still choosing Google’s search results. Only when searching for generic items or phrases are the results nearly identical; as suggested in the things to search for under the giant search box they provide. Which again, helps skew the results when you don’t search for what you necessarily would use in real life but more what they are trying to lean you toward searching for in this example. In the end though, 2/1 or not, they did pull one over on us – this provides them side by side comparison of what is being searched on as well as both engines results so they can tune their own. So I’m sure Microsoft thanks you for providing all of this analytical data for them free of charge :)

  4. Jeffrey Turner

    I support Open Source software such as LINUX, So I support Google which is based on open source, also Twitter, and Android.

    Microsoft is pretty cheap trying to also “MONOPOLIZE” another idea like “the PEPSI Challenge”, in order to boost profits. How greedy do you have to be?

    I will never use WINDOWS ever again I’m tired of viruses, malware, adware, and then having to pay for virus scanner subscriptions every year, even those get infected. Microsoft is a scam! GO LINUX!!!!!!

  5. Is it just me? Bing, Yahoo, Google are the best names these 3 profit centers could create. Really? Really? I dislike them all but IMO ‘Bing’ be the worst. I will make do with Google and Yahoo but Bing is a deal breaker for me. For me to use Bing they will need to pay me a monthly amount. Say 250.00 per week.

  6. Jenna Levy

    Anything with a competitive aspect will succeed in this marketplace. It’s the way to go with advertising and marketing. Imagine trying to accomplish the graphics and coding on one of these bad boys though; Fun infographic for the day about the history of the monitor-

  7. Steve Hartman

    Microsoft may well have better search technology, just as it claims to have achieved feature parity with iOS in Windows Phone 8. That still does not change the fact that Microsoft’s brand equity is SHOT and mostly likely always will be. Ever since the antitrust trial, many, if not most people view Microsoft as an immoral, conniving, greedy company. People are aware they can’t avoid Windows, but when it comes to search they do have a choice — even if that means choosing Google, which is well on its way to destroying its own brand equity.

  8. Saravanan Kumarashanmugam

    I like to see some real competition from Microsoft as for as the search is concerned. Though Bing works close to Page rank algorithm, it fails in Auto Suggestion which is equally important as Page Rank. Moreover bing is failing on …
    – providing better results for multiple words.
    – spam control
    – Display relevant ads
    – Poor Coverage (Google crawls more than trillion pages)
    – And the first three links are extremely important than the rest in SERP.
    It will take many years for Microsoft to catch up google, may be semantic web will change the landscape, even small players would get certain share on search.

  9. Tried it and Google won 4 times and there was 1 draw. Interesting to see the suggested topics though, presumably these are areas Bing thinks they have a better engine.

  10. I’ve been deliberately trying to de-Google my life as I think they are a horrible, immoral company that doesn’t deserve my business, but I find the search is still impossible to replace. Specifically, I’ve been using either Bing or Yahoo! (stupid name), as search alternatives and while the actual search results are very similar, they both fail on other things like image search, layout or the tools, etc.

    Yahoo! would be an excellent and instant replacement for Google if only their image search (something I use every day multiple times a day) wasn’t so awkward and insanely hard to use.

    Bing is similar. None of the alternatives have many options, both Bing and Yahoo! need to completely redesign the search interface, especially on image searches which are extra horrible on both platforms relative to Google.

    My big hope is not for Bing, but for Yahoo! which with a name change and a bit of good human interface design would be a better choice than Google out of the gate.

    • So you’re leaving one walled garden to go to another walled garden? It always make me chuckle when people hate a company just because it’s popular. People hated MS in the 90s because it was popular just how people hate google and facebook today.

      I simply use what works best, MS makes a great desktop OS so I use windows and google makes a great search engine so i use google search. Apple makes a great phone so I use the Iphone

      • People weren’t mad at Microsoft in the 90s because they were popular, it was because they were a predator.

        People dislike Facebook today because they’ve made so many customer-unfriendly moves.

    • Kirk Patrick

      Well MS is more immoral than Google. MS even invented tech-astroturfing, they also involved heavily on lobbying the government from various country to smear its competitor.

      So no bing for me. unless MS change its search engine name, i might consider it