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Live blog: Amazon unveils 4 new Kindles, Kindle Serials

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At 10:30 a.m. PT on Thursday, Amazon(s AMZN) is holding a press conference in Los Angeles. The company is widely expected to announce a new Kindle Fire and e-reader. We’re here in Santa Monica, Calif. and will keep you up to date.

Here’s the news so far:

  • Amazon announces a new Kindle e-reader, the Kindle Paperwhite, that sports a high-definition, front-lit display and has much longer battery life. It’s available starting Oct. 1 for $119.
  • The 3G version of the Paperwhite will be $179.
  • The original ad-supported Kindle is getting a small revamp and a price drop to $69.
  • Kindle Serials: readers buy once, receive author updated episodes automatically.
  • A new Kindle Fire with a lower price of $159.
  • Kindle Fire HD, which will come in two models, 7-inch and 10-inch 8.9-inch.
  • The 7-inch 16GB Kindle Fire HD will cost $199, the 8.9-inch version $299, shipping Nov. 20.
  • Yet another Kindle Fire HD: this time with 4G LTE wireless connectivity. At 8.9 inches and 32 GB, it’ll cost the same as the entry-level iPad, $499.
  • The LTE version’s baseline data plan starts at $50 per year, comes with 250MB of data per month and 20GB cloud storage.

20 Responses to “Live blog: Amazon unveils 4 new Kindles, Kindle Serials”

  1. anonWithEyes

    When we will see the rather useless acronym “HD” in this article replaced with specific technical content about what the screen resolutions, nits, aspect ratios, frame-rates for video playback etc. : are ?

  2. A new Kindle Fire with a lower price of $159. So much for all the people who said that even considering how much stuff they’d sell through the Fire, Amazon was taking a loss with the Fire priced at $199. Those people need to remember that Jeff Bezos has seldom if ever demonstrated stupidity.

    • Jason Russell

      He seems to have adequately picked up Jobs’ considerable mantle. He’s got an exceedingly innovative mind.

      I would like to see Amazon or B&N give consumers the e-book free when they purchase a physical book. I even tried to get that suggestion to Mr. Bezos, but I doubt it ever reached him. That’s an innovation that could possibly entice me to enter the e-reader world.

  3. Jason Russell

    Thanks much, Laura, I almost felt like I was there. I LOVE reading and I LOVE books…but ereaders just don’t work for me. I need a real book on my bookcase. I’m weird that way, I guess.

    Still, Amazon has shown some solid innovation with these new Kindles. Impressed.

    • Nicole Solis

      Let us know if we’re missing anything. We’ve got Laura on the ground and a few of us back in the home office (some in the virtual home office) who can dig up more details for you guys.