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Cord Cutters: Our review of Vizio’s Co-Star Google TV box

Vizio’s Co-Star is the first Google TV device with a customized UI, and it also a pretty powerful, albeit heavy remote control. Will it work for cord cutters? Check out our review:

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Are you going to buy the Co-Star? Or are you still skeptical about Google TV? Please share your thoughts in the comments, get in touch with us on Twitter (@cordcutters) or email us at cordcutters @

14 Responses to “Cord Cutters: Our review of Vizio’s Co-Star Google TV box”

  1. Dan Casseres

    does it play Avi’s mp4’s nkv’s wmv’s? that it the question! my wd live tv plays everything.. My vizio tv media app locks up on big directories and gets codex errors.. does not play mkv’s.. what about the co star?

  2. Better off keeping your roku xs player. The vizio co star has hardly any tv stations, goggle play doesnt even have crackle movie app. The goggle play apps suck bad there really isn’t any apps worthy to install what a joke. The internet who cares about that crap.

  3. We’re novices as far as wifi and networks and video streaming devices. Ordered one from Vizio and it came in a couple of weeks. Hooked it up without any trouble. Runs at about 5 whatever it is, mbps? Has a bit of trouble connecting to the wifi sometimes but we can watch TV shows on Netflix all the way through without it buffering once. Some other apps and websites didn’t work well, like one radio station we were trying to listen to in Ireland wouldn’t work, but I suspect that problem is in Ireland not at my house. Pretty amazing device. Again we had no trouble with setup and typing things in worked just fine, and I’m the kind of person who never could learn to program his VCR, so ….pretty darn good I think.

  4. black screen and flickering chrome, many more issues, was trying to solve but replacement unit you need to pay 10% restocking and shipping and wait for ages to get from vizio, worst business whole thing sucks, co-star is not even at beta level

  5. Jef Knight

    Does this box work with free OTA TV signal? It looks like the integration just works for cable and satellite.

    If you could just plug in an Hdmi adapter to the coax cable, this could be a good cord cutting device. Probably better than the boxee.

  6. Warning about VIzio Co-Star – READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY IT. I ordered – not pre-ordered–it said they were in stock. 5 weeks later I get my co-star and it’s a piece of crap. Firmware is completely broken and underdeveloped. It took me 2 hours to login and setup the dumb thing. I never could get my netflix account activated on it. You search for something and it can’t even respond to the typing. I type in my email, and it types a thousand g’s in a row, and you can’t stop it. Have to back out and try again.

    I emailed customer support. They say sorry, please call for customers support. Hassle!! So i call, and after waiting on hold to get their “proud to be in South Dakota Customer Service” i get nothing but attitude and ill-treatment from customer service.

    He said under no circumstances, even though it’s defective, will they return the product without charging me 10% restocking fee and return shipping. Such a pile of BS – they send me a product with broken firmware and then charge me to return it.

    My first experience with Vizio — and my last. Save yourself the trouble–go buy the Sony Google TV! Or get a Tivo. Or a Roku–do anything but waste your time and money on Vizion Co-Star.