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In the fight for its life, Nokia pins hopes on Lumia 920

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Nokia (s nok), in the biggest fight for its survival, unveiled the Lumia 920, which will be among the first smartphones to run Microsoft’s(s msft) latest mobile OS Windows Phone 8.

The device represents a pivotal moment for Nokia, which has seen its smartphone share dwindle in recent years in the face of increasing Android (s goog) and iPhone (s aapl) sales. And it’s a critical launch for Microsoft, which needs to find some momentum for its two-year-old mobile platform.

Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8The Lumia 920 will be the flagship for Nokia with its 4.5-inch HD display, 1.5 GHz Snapdragon(s qcom) dual-core processor, NFC, 32 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM. It will sport an 8.7-megapixel camera with Nokia’s PureView technology, a melding of sensors, processing and optics, that is designed to create superior pictures. And it will boast wireless charging, allowing people to place their phone on a charging pad without having to plug it in. The phone, like its predecessor the Lumia 900, comes in an array of colors. The availability and pricing of the 920 was not announced but the sales will begin sometime in the fourth quarter.

The PureView technology allows 5-10 times in more light for pictures and uses advanced stabilization — with a floating lens — to ensure better pictures and video, especially in low light. The Lumia 920 also sports an augmented reality feature with Nokia CityLens, which lets you point your camera at any city block and see the names of shops and restaurants on screen. Nokia Maps will also get augmented reality so users can switch between maps and AR views.

And the new device will also offer a PureMotion HD+ display, which Nokia touts as better than HD resolution with a fast refresh rate and blur-free scrolling. The screen also adjusts for sunlight to ensure bright images in day time.

Stephen Elop, Nokia

The Lumia 920 holds a 2,000 mAh battery and works with a Fatboy wireless charging pillow, compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard. Virgin Atlantic and Coffee Bean and Tealeaf will offer wireless charging pads in select locations.

Nokia, which currently dominates Windows Phone sales, is now facing more competition, chiefly from Samsung, which introduced its first Windows Phone 8 device last week, the Ativ S. The Ativ S, which is similar to the Samsung Galaxy S III, gives Microsoft another headline device to push holiday sales, but it will mean more competition for Nokia’s line-up of phones. HTC and Huawei are also preparing Windows Phone 8 devices.

This coming holiday season is the best chance yet for Microsoft to get back in the smartphone game with Windows Phone 8. The smartphone platform will share a common core of code with Windows 8 on desktops and laptops, making it easier for developers to create one app for both platforms. Despite being on the market for almost two years, Windows Phone captured just 3.5 percent of shipments in the second quarter of 2012, according to IDC.

Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8With the next iPhone expected to debut next week and the Android onslaught showing no signs of slowing down, Windows Phone 8 will have its work cut out for it. The latest devices will need to raise the bar over what the iPhone and Android offers. The camera technology might lure some in and the wireless charging features are interesting though the Palm Pre also had a similar ability and had little to show for it.

It’s hard to say if the Lumia devices will warrant more of a look from smartphone users, who are often conditioned to think of the iPhone and Android as their main choices. Some of the success will depend on Microsoft getting developers to adopt Windows Phone 8 and build more apps. The platform has more than 100,000 apps but it trails both iOS and Android by a wide margin.

11 Responses to “In the fight for its life, Nokia pins hopes on Lumia 920”

  1. My review of the Nokia Lumia 920 specifications internet page reveals that although this phone is being billed as a high-end flagship phone it is really a mid-level phone. Look at the following:
    1) The HD (1280×720 pixels) display with 600 nits brightness may be fine but at a size of 4.5-inches it is a mid-level sized display in today’s market.
    2) The embedded 8.7 mega-pixel mid-range camera takes 1080p video and has improvements for stabilization and low-light condition photos (now common) but a) it is limited to 4X zoom (want much higher zoom level) and b) it is not a removable module to allow the phone to be taken into company secure areas when the camera is removed (an Enterprise and Consumer deal breaker).
    3) No user accessible SD card slot is listed as available or as an option. Samsung 64GB micro-SDXC cards are projected to be available in mass by November 2012. Does this imply this phone is not a consumer device and it is intended for locked-down “Enterprise Only” users, using the cloud? This is a Consumer deal breaker.
    4) Has 1GB internal memory which is not listed as upgradable. Expecting 2 GB internal memory.
    5) Has 32GB internal storage which is not listed as upgradable. Expecting 64GB or more internal storage.
    6) Uses a non-removable battery of 2000 mAh. This is a Consumer deal breaker. Expecting a larger, removable battery of at least twice this capacity even though the phone is already 10.7 mm thick (the reason for being greater than the normal thickness is not revealed in the spec).
    7) A HDMI output connectivity port is not listed as available or an option (a deal breaker).
    8) System uses USB 2.0, not the USB 3.0 desired.
    9) No USB host capability is listed (a deal breaker).
    10) The Specification implies that 3 separate, single function, micro-USB ports are provided. Is this true?
    11) A magnetometer is provided. Does this mean an embedded compass is provided as an original program?
    12) Positioning Services. Assisted-GPS (A-GPS) and GLONASS are listed as available but a) please provide an understanding of what your particular A-GPS is/does/how/and what, when it works or not, b) is there standalone continuous positioning data always available for recording/use (GPS or GLONASS) when 1. not having access to telephone networks or 2. when answering and using the telephone or using other communication channels or when anything else is in-process, and c) does the 920 support the Improved GPS constellation frequencies in addition to the original frequencies, and lastly d) do the 920 GPS and GLONASS programs always work together with optimization to provide the most accurate position data whether 4 GPS satellites are needed , whether 4 GLONASS satellites are needed , whether any combination of each are needed, or is GLONASS only used when there is not enough GPS satellites available to use (the latter would not seem to be providing the best position accuracy to the user at all times).
    13) SBAS Services. No Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) services to improve the accuracy of the GPS data are listed as being used (such as the U.S. Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) or other nations SBAS [to use when traveling] or the commercial subscription SBAS systems).
    14) Maps. Nokia maps are listed as being used but what other map type files (and file extensions) can be used?
    15) Neither a 3-axis accelerometer nor a 3-axis gyroscope is listed as being included.
    16) A speakerphone is not listed as included unless “integrated hands free speaker” (what?) means a speakerphone.
    17) A LTE standby time is not provided, but 3G standby time is (why?).
    18) A 5-row QWERTY keyboard is not listed as an option. The dividing line is cast in concrete as some persons will not purchase a phone with just a virtual keyboard (they want a sliding, 5-row QWERTY keyboard). Others only want the virtual keyboard. The solution is to provide a 5-row keyboard as an attachable option (a to-do item).
    19) The Nokia Lumia 920 uses a 2-core 1.5 GHz processor which is standard fare today but 4-cores are imminent.
    20) My Opinion 07Sep2012: Nokia’s Lumia 920 with Windows Phone 8 does not pass my partial, buy-challenge.

  2. Coolknight

    The bad about the whole event is…
    a) No new software like I-Tunes to download stuff and backup your phone was presented. Zune is a mess and we all know it.
    b) No price.
    c) No availability.
    d) No possibility to pre order the phone from Nokia direct. (How stupid is that?) Nokia could have taken pre orders and given the customers in any market, first availability for like a $99.- deposit. You put in a deposit and you can either pick it up first with your carrier or buy an unlocked one.
    e) No Mini Tablet in the works.
    f) The 820 has little going for it, they talked about a bumper casing but it was not on display.
    g) No high end model. There should be a black and chrome edition of the 920 that costs extra.
    i) The 820 is the size of the old 900, the 920 is huge… what if customers want a 800 sized phone with 32Gb of RAM and good battery life… Nokia is simply unable to produce such a product… I have a 800 and it is lousy on battery, luckily my primary phone is a I-Phone 4.

    • I can’t believe anyone would want either iTunes or Zune.. There are much better content management applications available. iTunes is a resource hog and is so limited in functionality that it’s only useful for the dimmest of computer users.. Besides, with a cloud based ecosystem, baackup and/or sync with a desktop app is not necessary.. Google/Android does a superb job of this.

  3. I find it amusing that people need to find faults, and complain that there is not enough apps and use that a a major factor for deciding whether to buy or not. OMG ppl.. they have 100,000 apps what could you possibly want that they dont have. iOS and Android have over 500.000 apps WOW 400.000 of them you will never use or are useless to most.
    (for example) Look at me i installed rubbish pointless apps on my phone.. touch the screen and and it makes a fart sound… pointless wate of coding, an app you will install use once than delete after a week.

    Its sad that even big named websites who review wp8 say how a 100.000 apps is not good enough.

    when you install 100.000 apps on your device that you use and feel you need more then u can complain.

    P.S i am currently an android user/owner but will be getting the Nokia Lumia 920 ASAP.

    Congratulations Nokia and Microsoft good Job.

  4. Calster1 L.

    I wish they would bring back removable batteries so I can have a spare at all times. Today’s smartphones just suck juice and I don’t want to be without any juice if I’m out late at night.

  5. By all indications, Nokia needs a winner and the Lumia 920 looks good. But, until it’s actually available, it’s little more than a good looking prototype. Nokia announced a prototype today, with no pricing and no availability. Were it anyone other than Nokia, this might not be so much of a problem. But Nokia has a history of announcing new products and then taking months, years to release them to market. Or canceling them entirely. Nokia doesn’t just need to announce new products; it needs to sell new products. Today it didn’t achieve the necessary goal of announcing any products for sale.

  6. michael hershfield


    you did not mention @ all, the streaming music (free) offer announced yesterday between msoft & nokia. This is a tremendous point of differentiation & could perhaps provide consumers with a solid reason to choose nokia/msoft.

  7. Luke Frisbee

    i am going on a crusade. I want a brick…a brick that has the 808’s camera and map ap, a 7+ inch screen, sounds gret both through the external speakers, and while on a phone call, A decent processor and is a Phone with a stonkin huge battery to run it all day.
    It doesn’t need to fit in my pocket. It needs to be all I need. I’ve been dreaming of one for years…”little” phones are good for phoning. period.
    I use my phone as a PC and camera more than a phone. A good tight PC with a great camera that can do the occasional daily phone call would be a market breakthrough.