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E-commerce engine BigCommerce raises another $20M

E-commerce platform BigCommerce is getting even bigger. The Shopify rival, which has offices in Sydney, Australia and Austin, Tex., announced on Wednesday that it raised $20 million in Series B funding from current investor General Catalyst, as well as new investor Mike Maples of Floodgate.

The company, which powers the online storefronts for about 30,000 small- to medium-sized businesses worldwide, said the new funding would go to product development and an expansion of their sales and marketing team.

“We’re really proud that we can enable small businesses to compete with larger players,” co-founder Eddie Machaalani said in an interview. “We want to be synonymous with e-commerce for small- to medium-sized businesses.”

In the past year, the company, which raised $15 million in Series A funding last summer, said it has doubled its staff to 160 employees and plans to grow another 70 percent over the next two years.

As e-commerce grows globally, Machaalani said their platform can support clients as they grow from small startups to bigger companies that bring in a few million dollars a year.  In addition to offering the tools for launching an online store on the Web and mobile platforms, the company provides under-the-hood online marketing and SEO technology to help stores attract and retain customers.

The company’s client base is primarily in North America (65 percent), but it intends to expand its presence in Europe, Asia and other regions.

In addition to offering clients their own tools, the company is enabling third-party developers to build on its platform with apps of their own. BigCommerce launched a $2 million fund earlier this year to support developers and has approved 300 apps so far. Shopify, which has also has a strong customer base created a similar fund when it announced its $15 million Series B round last October. In addition to Shopify, BigCommerce faces competition from eBay’s X.Commerce platform and Yahoo Merchant Solutions.

2 Responses to “E-commerce engine BigCommerce raises another $20M”

  1. Frank Sciano

    Over $30 million dollars and 1 year later, Big Commerce only updated their own webpage and hired more people. That’s it? Did they fix all the bugs? Program feature requests they got over the last 2 yrs made reality? (ie. give us.htaccess to block IP addresses to protect ourselves, more Shipping rules/features). Nope. Not that I can see. They keep announcing the backend upgrade and a (long overdue) improved template selection for us merchants. Nothing yet. Again. Where did all the money go? Don’t get me wrong, I really like the features they have, but, come ON now. They should hire me so I can crack the whip and hire expensive (and fewer) people that can get the job done now-now-now…..until then we paying merchants are still waiting…still. $30+ million and 1 year later, so far what have they done that we can see besides change the look of their own business? we’re waiting Mitch (CEO). Don’t tell us Mtich, show us. Pull the trigger already. Over 1 year and the job is not done yet? Again, we really LIKE Big Commerce, but we are going to hold their feet to the fire to get some forward action and detailed answers. :)