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The Apple Roundup: iPhone 5, and a brief history of Apple product names

With so many people writing about Apple(s AAPL), finding the best stories and reports isn’t easy.┬áHere’s our daily pick of stories about the company from around the Web that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Apple has strongly hinted the next iPhone to come after the iPhone 4S will be iPhone 5 by placing a “5” strategically in the press event invitation today. Asymco looks at how the iPhone diverges from the naming conventions Apple uses for its other product lines.
  • AppleInsider has some pretty good evidence that the next iPhone, which will almost assuredly be revealed a week from Wednesday, will have the smallest SIM yet. Some European carriers, including Deutsche Telekom(s DT), are already receiving shipments of the tiny new SIM cards.
  • Bloomberg examines the cliched slogans tech companies have been using recently — and points to a Steve Jobs quote as the source.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy S III stole the crown of top-selling smartphone in the U.S. for the month of August from Apple. But, as ZDNet reports, ComScore still has Apple selling one out of every three smartphones in the U.S. between April and July.
  • The world’s largest retailer is testing out how the iPhone can speed up checkout. Reuters says Walmart(s WMT) is considering a service where customers can scan items as they’re shopping so that when they leave the store, they don’t have to wait for a cashier to scan items — customers can simply pay for their previously scanned items at a self-checkout kiosk.