Research: Consumers now more excited about iPad than iPhone


This is what happens when you don’t release a new phone in nearly a year.

Consumers now think iPad is better value than iPhone, and they are more likely to recommend it to friends than the phone, according to new data from YouGov’s BrandIndex

Apple value scores

Apple recommendation scores

Says BrandIndex, which conducts interviews from its 2.5 million worldwide consumer pool:

“This overtaking of the iPhone by the iPad is a reversal of the usual patterns which have seen the phone traditionally well ahead of its tablet counterpart…

“This marks not only a shift in comparison to the iPhone but also the culmination of an incredible hike in perceptions for the iPad’s value over the past few months…”

This should not come as a surprise. Not only is iPhone 4s almost a year old, while rivals like Samsung have since launched sparkly new handsets; many consumers are fully aware that a new iPhone is due to be announced in September.

That would, of course, render iPhone 4s a poor-value buy at this moment – no wonder fewer people would recommend the phone to friends. Apple is readying to announce the new handset just in time to arrest this perception decline.

This does not detract from the growing high-value perception attached to the tablet. But it does suggest quieter rumors of imminent new iPads have not dented perception of current iPads as much as in the parallel, handset category.



Tablet PCs are very popular today. Although quite expensive but from the benefits of the features and performance is very satisfactory. Moreover, the tablet is still included in the exclusive and prestigious products. Sorry, my english is not good enough: D.

Samir Shah

Thinking long term…

Smartphones are necessary but are not a JOY TO USE whereas tablets are both necessary and JOY TO USE. As time goes more and more people will recommend tablets over smartphones,


The (rumored) iPhone 5 design is getting a bit old. I think existing iPhone owners want something more edgy or sexy on top of having new features. An elongated 4/4S is not much to look forward to.


The two devices have nothing to do with each other. You don’t buy one over the other.

The only thing I take from it is that iPhone now has a lot of competition.


So, what I’m hearing is that some consumer data fluctuated over an 8 day period almost 7 months ago? You guys are really digging here. Come on.

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