What’s it like being a Y Combinator startup?


With just a 2 percent acceptance rate, it’s statistically harder to get your startup into Y Combinator than it is to get accepted into MIT or Stanford undergrad. The hot incubator/accelerator has spawned some of the biggest startups including Reddit, Dropbox and Airbnb. For those on the outside, looking (to get) in — what’s it like being a “YC” company?

Is this episode of See Founders Run, MemSQL founder and CEO, Eric Frenkiel (YC Class winter 2011) talks about how to make a strong application to YC, how YC works and what those dinners are really like.


Chris Albrecht

Hello all,

There was a glitch in the backend somewhere during transcoding.

The error has been fixed and the video should be working just fine now.

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Jason Edwards

Top 2 percent you say. But you can’t put a transcript of the video underneath for people that prefer to read their information?

Chris Albrecht

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your comment. Transcripts are something that we are looking into and should be available soon.

Chris Albrecht

Hey everyone,

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