Zite’s new Android update ditches support for large-screen tablets


Credit: Zite / Google Play

In an Android (s GOOG) update it is releasing Tuesday afternoon, personalized tablet magazine Zite is ending its support for tablets with screens larger than 10 inches. It’s also making other tweaks and bug fixes, including enhanced sharing options.

Zite, which released its Android app in March, still doesn’t have an official Android tablet app. Its Android app is designed for smartphones, and though it technically works on larger screens too, the company says 7-inch Android tablets like the Nexus 7 are the limit. The app won’t work at all on 10-inch Android tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

That raises the question of when Zite will release an app designed for Android tablets. (A search through the reviews in the Google Play store reveals that many users are asking for one.) The company is “not currently” focused on an Android tablet app, though, a spokewsoman told me. “We’re focused on making the Android phone app the best it can be.” Zite competitor Flipboard’s Android app is also not optimized for tablets.


Mark Johnson

Zite has been designed and optimized for both the tablet and the phone, because of their different form factors and use cases. When we released for Android, we mistakenly enabled all tablets, which means that large-foramt tablet users get the Zite Android phone app – not an ideal experience at all. We corrected that in this update. We apologize to any users of 10″ tablets. Eventually, we’ll bring out the tablet version of Zite for Android – feel free to use the awesome phone versions of Zite (Android, iPhone, WP7) in the meantime.

-Mark Johnson, CEO of Zite


I have an android tablet, and it still displays like it did when I loaded the program a month or two ago. I really hope you will bring along a tablet version that will work on 10″ screens.

Wlodzislaw Duch

In the meantime we will get used to Pulse and other apps that work on large tablets, making it hard for Zite and Flipboard to make impact, a pity.

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