ClearSlide, a collaboration platform, gets $28M in new funds


ClearSlide, a San Francisco-based developer of  a slick communications platform for sales people, received $28 million in new funds to help expand its operations and open up a New York sales office,  said co-founders Al Lieb and Jim Benton. This Series B funding round was led by Bessemer Venture Partners who were joined by existing backers Greylock Partners and Felicis Ventures.

Bessemer’s Byron Deeter and  John M. Jack, former CEO of Fortify Software, are joining the board of the company. ClearSlide had raised $11 million in Series A funding last September. With new money under its belt, the company wants to double its team of 110 people.

ClearSlide co-founder Al Lieb.

ClearSlide is one of the growing number of collaboration upstarts that are taking on Cisco(s csco)-owned WebEx. The growing popularity of iPad(s aapl) inside corporations is opening up opportunities for founders to rethink WebEx and take a new approach to collaboration-oriented communications.

ClearSlide, with customers including CareerBuilder, Expedia, Gannett(s GCI) and The Weather Channel has developed technology that allows sales people to easily share documents via a single URL and use the same URL to  initiate phone or chat sessions. The company offers that technology as a web service akin to Salesforce(s crm).

Lieb who previously co-founded Evite in 1998, believes there is a real need for really easy to use tools for sales people who now use a mix of WebEx or GoToMeeting(s ctrx) type web conferences, email and USB sticks to make their sales pitches. With ClearSlide, “you pop the link into an email, it opens immediately for the recipient– you don’t need Flash or any downloads — and it’ll work on your iPad and iPhone,” Lieb said.


Mitch Crowne

I’m betting Steve Ardire is not a millionaire or a billionaire. If he was, he might understand why VC’s make such investments. It’s pretty arrogant to pass judgement with such little understanding of the situation. I’m sure the VC firm in question did not acquire the funds needed to make such a significant investment by capriciously throwing their cash around.

Lastly, I’m also aware of a handful of several presentation tools I like better than what I’ve seen of Clearslide (although I’ve never used Clearslide). That said, it’s rarely about the product – it’s about the company’s ability to market and sell their product. Clearly Clearslide is doing something right – I wish them luck and hope they create a bunch of jobs with the opportunity before them.

Steve Ardire

Bert not worrying just laughing out loud at these investors and your lame ass comment ;)

the listener go back to the bleachers because your comment was worthless !


Steve Ardire (Or whomever you are ;-) you’ve sure put alot of effort into stating that you don’t really care and are quite the busy man. No judgement on content, just a statement as an observer here..

Steve Ardire

I lost webex a few years ago and there’s 6 – 8 other really good preso tools out there but don’t ask me to list because I’ve got better things to do ;)

Steve Ardire

Clearside ( whoever you are ) am not questioning the utility of your offering but am questioning why the hell you need $28M from Bessemer Venture Partners, Greylock Partners and Felicis Ventures who must be smoking something really good !


Obviously the VC’s that invested heavily in ClearSlide see the value in the company. Who are you to worry about millionaires and billionaires about where they invest their money? Maybe you should choose another career other than being an “advisor” LOL

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