Magisto releases Android app for automatic video editing

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Got too many video recordings you’ve never watched, much less shared on your Android phone? Then Magisto’s got a proposition for you: The cloud video editing startup released its Android app Tuesday, bringing its automatic video editing to Google’s (s GOOG) mobile platform.

The app, which is similar to Magisto’s iOS application, allows users to select a few out of their personal video library and match them with a song. Magisto uploads any selected material to its own servers, where it uses audio and video recognition technology to identify the key moments of a clip. Individual segments are then stitched together to a short and shareable video, complete with effects that correspond with the selected music.

I played a little with the app on my HTC One S, and it worked as advertised. However, the lack of any ability to manually tweak the editing process, as well as the somewhat obnoxious branding at the end of the clip, made me wonder how often I’d really use it. Magisto fo-founder and CEO Oren Boiman recently told me that the company is working on a fix for the editing issue: future versions will allow users to change a clip after it’s been produced, while still keeping the whole process simple.

Magisto isn’t the only company trying to simplify video editing to deal with the ever growing amount of mobile video footage. Animoto is offering a similar automated service, while Clipik uses crowdsourcing to have videos edited by humans.

Photo of old film rolls courtesy of (CC-BY-SA) Flickr user Marcel Oosterwijk.

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