What the Hadoop? Why your business can’t afford to ignore the power of Hadoop

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In the latest GigaOM Pro research briefing “Sector RoadMap: Hadoop platforms 2012,” Research Director Jo Maitland writes, “For years, technologists have been promising software that will make it easier and cheaper to analyze vast amounts of data in order to revolutionize business. More than one solution exists, but today Hadoop is fast becoming the most talked about name in enterprises.” Hear from Jo and our all-star panel of experts as they discuss the impact of Hadoop on Aug. 29.

Topics include:

  • Why Hadoop has become the standard for big data in the enterprise
  • How big data has permanently changed the world
  • What the requirements are for deploying production Hadoop in the enterprise

Speakers include:

Register here to join GigaOM Pro and our sponsor Cloudera as we dig into all things Hadoop. This free analyst roundtable webinar takes place on Wednesday, Aug. 29, 2012, at 10 a.m. PDT.

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Will McCormick

The ‘register here’ link doesn’t work for me or my colleagues. is there an error?

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