China’s iOS, Android growth up more than 400% in last year


China is one of the world’s fastest-growing and important markets for devices running Android and iOS. But it’s not alone on the international stage: almost a dozen countries have made enormous gains in activations of these devices in the past year outside of early-adopting Europe and North America. As of July 2012, there are now 640 million devices running Google and Apple’s mobile operating systems, according to Flurry Mobile’s report released Monday.

The rate at which these smart mobile devices are being adopted worldwide is now far outpacing the adoption of any other technology. “Compared to recent technologies, smart device adoption is being adopted 10X faster than that of the 80s PC revolution, 2X faster than that of 90s Internet Boom and 3X faster than that of recent social network adoption,” Flurry writes.

Flurry’s most recent report looked at and tracked the use of 200,000 Android and iOS apps all over the world. From the chart below, you can see that China is very clearly the fast-growing market for advertisers and developers who make apps. The adoption of Android and iOS devices together is up more than 400 percent in the country from July 2011 to July 2012.

Of the countries with a minimum of a half a million active devices as of July 2011, here are the other biggest growth stories:

While these countries are making huge gains in activating mobile devices, only two on the list, China and Brazil, rank in the top 10 for countries with the most total Android and iOS devices in use. Those countries, are, in order: US, China, UK, South Korea, Japan, Germany, France, Canada, Spain and Brazil. The US has 165 million active devices, and Brazil 13 million. So the range of the top 10 is huge. But with Brazil, and of course, China’s growth rates, it’s pretty clear those companies are going to continue to move up in the rankings. The picture could look very different a year from now.


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