Android this week: Apple v. Samsung; Nikon Android camera; $15 Nexus 7 case


This week ended on a negative note for Android in general and Samsung in particular. In the Apple(s aapl) v. Samsung case involving alleged patent infringement, the jury found heavily in favor of Apple, with the preliminary amount of damages totalling $1.05 billion. Since the jury found that Samsung willfully infringed, the court could increase the damages by triple. And Apple is seeking an injunction on the wide range of smartphones and tablets that were found to infringe Apple’s patents.

Samsung's Galaxy S IIIAs widespread as an injunction could be against Samsung products, the case could affect Google’s Android(s goog) platform in general. Why? Because of the patents themselves that Samsung were found to infringe upon; specifically, these touchscreen navigation actions: the “rubber banding” or bounce-back scrolling functionality, pinch-to-zoom, and tap-to-zoom.

I’ll be looking into the potential implications on this, but my early take is that Samsung won’t be the only handset maker found to infringe upon Apple’s patents as all Android devices use these features. I’m also concerned that current Samsung phones will be modified via a software update to address the patent infringements.

Apple’s patents — and recent court win — could lead to more suits, but not just for smartphones. The $15 Blurex Ultra Slim Case for my Nexus 7 tablet arrived this week and one of the features I like about it is a carryover from Apples’ iPad case and cover: Magnets in the case automatically wake or sleep the slate. I’m glad I bought this case now because I could envision an injunction against any similar cases that use this functionality.

Regardless of that, the case is great for protecting the Nexus 7 and consuming content thanks to the muliti-angle support in landscape mode. As you can see in my brief video overview, the case allows access to all of the ports and buttons on the Nexus 7, including the rear speaker. All in all, I’m happy with my purchase, but beware: Some buyers have reported that the magnet feature doesn’t work for them. I’ve recommenced they request an exchange since those particular cases are faulty.

Nikon Coolpix S800c with AndroidAlso new this week is a camera that runs Android 2.3: Nikon’s Coolpix S800c launched this week for $349. The capable point-and-shoot looks like a standard digital camera save for the 3.5-inch OLED touchscreen on the back. Here you can run a full version of Android. Why would you want to? This opens up the opportunity to run third-party imaging or social networking applications to edit or share photos with the integrated Wi-Fi. I like the idea, although I can’t speak yet to the implementation. I’d rather have a choice of software to use with my camera and photos as opposed to the software provided by the camera maker.



It’s on it’s way to being tossed as we speak. If not by Judge Koh, by the Appeals Court. If not there…. then Samsung will take it to the supreme court if they have to.

Jury done goofed up! lol…. when a jury foreman says they didn’t to look at the jury instructions and that they’d gone against them by punishing Samsung, instead of compensating Apple.

Then to top it off, another jurist really put the icing on the cake by stating this gem:
“It didn’t dawn on us [that we agreed that Samsung had infringed] on the first day,” Ilagan said. Meaning on the first day they heard anything on the case. So they basically made their mind up before Samsung even got a chance to defend themselves.

Larry Vandemeer

Samsung has a good case to have the whole verdict thrown out on appeal because of this:

“After we debated that first patent — what was prior art –because we had a hard time believing there was no prior art, that there wasn’t something out there before Apple. In fact we skipped that one so we could go on faster. It was bogging us down”.

What?! This is critical evidence that the jury skipped, just because it was “difficult” to go through. This point is likely to form an important part of Samsung’s appeal and it’s right and proper that it does so.


Bought a case for the Nexus 7 from Amazon for $10.00. It’s cloth covering some reinforcement. It does all that the hard case does, including putting the tablet to sleep when you close it. I’m happy.


But where can we get the Blurex ultra-slim Nexus 7 case in Canada? Amazon Canada does not have it and Amazon USA will not ship it to Canada. :(


Order from, but select the option from Prestige Milano (i.e. NOT fulfilled by Amazon) – normally behind the “2 new from $14.99” link.

They charge about $6-7 shipping to Canada.

Santosh Mishra

The war between Apple and Samsung will be heating up. We should get ready for the next round of battle between the two tech giant, unless any third party (say competitor) involve in this.

Kevin C. Tofel

Without a doubt, it makes it much less of an option in my back jeans pocket, which is where I typically stow the tablet if it’s not in my hands. Still fits fine for inside jacket pockets / large pocketed pants and such.


If ever there was a reason to root your device, this would be it. If the injunction forces Samsung to axe certain usability features, at least consumers still have AOSP to fall back on.

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