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Video look at the useful $15 Blurex Nexus 7 case

Earlier this week, I mentioned the Blurex Ultra Slim case for Nexus 7 tablets and my order arrived yesterday. After just a day with this case, I’m more than happy with the purchase. First of all, $15 is a steal for this case, even without the special features it offers. The case is $5 cheaper than Google’s(s goog) own Nexus 7 case and it’s one is far more versatile. Take a look and see: Besides protecting the device, the magnets automatically wake or sleep the little slate.

For those looking just to protect their Nexus 7, Google’s own case is a solid choice. But I like consuming various bits of content on my small slate and I don’t always want to hold the device. That’s why I prefer a case like the Blurex model: I can prop up the Nexus 7 in three different angles to watch a movie, read a book or play a game. I’m still not sold on the hand-strap this case offers, but I don’t have to use it, so it’s not bothering me. All in all, this was $15 well spent to protect and enjoy my $249 Android tablet.

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  1. Great review, I actually have a similar case for my iPad. That elastic strap is actually to secure the tablet when using the hand strap. It goes around the bezel on the right side so the cover stays together.

  2. B Miller

    My question is, I see your lock screen goes landscape mode – how’d you do that? Did you use a lock screen replacement? What did you do / use? Thanks!

  3. Great demo. I just bought a case with a build in keyboard, it’s great for when I’m sitting on the couch I just place it on the coffee table. If I want to use it while I’m out it’s really awkward and the keyboard is useless, I’ll be grabbing one of these, seems perfect for when I want to take it with me somewhere.

  4. Great review, thanks! I’m ordering mine now. FYI, from another review, it seems the elastic is designed to keep the case open. With the cover folded all the way back, the elastic goes around the front of the tablet so it won’t flap when holding it one handed.

  5. shaggytdawg

    Great pick! I actually bought this case a week or two after getting my Nexus 7 (which I bought off of someone who got in a first wave preordered), and only just now saw your video. Glad I managed to pick a well liked case.

    One comment on your review: I think that elastic strap is mainly meant to (or at least alternatively meant to) be used when the case is open. You strap it around the right bezel of the from on the Nexus 7, so that it keeps the cover from flapping around while you’re holding it. This also makes the hand grip you pointed out much more convenient since everything won’t wiggle around as much.

    The only case I think I’ll consider getting to replace this one is one from Marware, if they ever make a Nexus 7 variant of this case: . I read rumor on a forum somewhere that it was in the works.

  6. Thanks for the review! As soon as I finish typing this, I’ll be ordering this case. Ironic that I had to email the address of this review so I could watch the video on my iPhone. Plays fine on my 3GS, but the Nexus 7 thinks it needs flash.

  7. P Messier

    Regarding video playback problem. My default browser on S Galaxy tab running froyo is dolphin vs 8.7.?. It will not play the video. If I paste url address into most recent FF browser video will play. If I paste url into stock browser that came with pad, it will also play.

  8. Krysten Smith

    Great review, Thanks!!!!!

    Do you have an update on the Samsung Samsung Standard Battery Charging System? I was wondering there was a system invented that charges the battery IN the phone as well as docks it!