Curtains for MOG: Townsquare buys MOG’s blog & ad business


Townsquare Media of Greenwich, CT, that runs live events and owns radio properties has bought the MOG Music Network business. The news was first reported earlier this morning by Peter Kafka who says the transaction was around $10 million.   The terms of the deal weren’t officially announced. These are blogs, reviews sites, concert & event information sites, artist sites and lyrics sites that were part of music subscription service MOG, that was started by David Hyman. MOG’s subscription service was acquired by Beats Audio in July for $14 million.

MOG network has more than 62 million monthly U.S. unique visitors and 170 million monthly global unique visitors, making it the largest music-focused ad network in the United States. GigaOM had heard that MOG was hoping to sell its music service & blog-network business separately. MOG had raised $25 million in venture funding. This concludes our coverage of MOG.



what is a 170m unique user network worth? So far less then they raised? Am I reading this wrong?


I’ve been a long time mog subscriber. I have numerous playlists in my subscription that are very special to me. It is hard work to extract them and take “my music” to another service. Do you think I should do what it takes and be prepared for getting a 404 Not Found error from one morning?

Om Malik

I don’t think the service itself is going away. It might change names or whatever, but you are one of the reasons why the service was acquired.


Hey there – Zoë from MOG here. Though we’ve been acquired by Beats, MOG will continue to operate as an independent company with no immediate changes to our music service (meaning no impact on you as a subscriber).

There’s quite a lot of exciting stuff in our future, so stay tuned. We’ll keep you filled in as things evolve. Feel free to write to me anytime if you have questions or feedback –

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