HuffPo “Shadow Conventions” aim to be virtual alternative to DNC, RNC

In an attempt to boost its new video streaming network HuffPost Live, as well as call attention to issues that it believes are being ignored by the Democratic and Republican parties, the Huffington Post (s aol) is running online “Shadow Conventions” during the parties’ national conventions.

The “Shadow Conventions” will run online August 27–30, during the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla., and September 4–6 during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C. The featured topics are “the war on drugs,” “poverty and job creation” and “the influence of money on our politics.” The Huffington Post covered the same topics in the physical conventions it held with grassroots groups in 2000, but this year they are taking place entirely online.

The Huffington Post website will be “taken over” by coverage and its sections will focus on specific related areas. The hosts on HuffPost Live, the site’s newly launched streaming video network, will also offer coverage. “By putting a full-court press on these neglected issues — and bringing the community into the heart of the discussion — we can have a convention that’s unscripted, surprising, and serves as more than an over-produced, tightly controlled political commercial for the two parties,” said Roy Sekoff, HuffPost Live president.