First Mountain Lion update is out: fixes Thunderbolt, iMessage and other bugs


Apple issued the first update to its new desktop software Thursday: OS X Update 10.8.1. The software fixes a variety of bugs discovered when Mountain Lion was released a month ago. Among other fixes, Apple says 10.8.1 should address a problem related to playing audio through a Thunderbolt display, and another with iMessage sending.

Here’s a list of all the issues the update address:

It also appears the update may address battery life problems that cropped up for some MacBook owners after installing Mountain Lion.

Mountain Lion went on sale for $19.99 in late July, and is Apple’s first attempt to sell desktop software entirely through the Mac App Store. So far, it’s working well. The company announced that it had sold 3 million copies in the first 4 days. And likely because of the ease of downloading directly from the App Store, it was one of the fastest desktop software uptakes in Apple’s history: after two days it was already on 3.2 percent of Macs.

Users will be prompted to update automatically or you can find the update in the Mac App Store under Updates.


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