YouTube, Samsung, EA, Path and TripAdvisor at Mobilize


At Mobilize 2012, top names in mobile will share their secrets to making the most out of the mobile marketplace. From Zillow, Ford Motor Company and Motorola Mobility to Sprint, T-Mobile USA and Netflix, our esteemed panels of experts will dissect the mobile-first world.

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  • Jack Buser, the senior director of PlayStation Digital Platforms at Sony Computer Entertainment America, examines whether consumers are ready to gravitate toward console-quality games on high-end mobile devices.
  • Nick Earl, the SVP of Global Mobile and Social Studios at Electronic Arts (EA), looks at the business models for mobile games and how the marketing methods and the games themselves are becoming ever more sophisticated.
  • Yoon Lee, the VP of Global Product Innovation at Samsung Electronics, discusses the challenges the company faces as it vies for the No. 1 spot as the biggest vendor of smartphones.
  • Adam Medros, the VP of Global Product at TripAdvisor, examines how apps don’t always have to be slimmed-down versions of desktop websites in the session “Let mobile be mobile.”
  • Dave Morin, the CEO of Path, and Jared Hecht, the co-founder of GroupMe, will examine whether private social networks can scale to the size of a Facebook or Twitter.
  • Shiva Rajaraman, the director of Product Management at YouTube, discusses how it approaches mobile design and development.
  • Spencer Rascoff, the CEO of Zillow, shares how almost overnight his company vaulted itself into the No. 1 spot by leveraging the seismic market shift to mobility.

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