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YouTube finally enables skippable mobile ads

More producers may start making their videos available for smartphones and tablets, now that YouTube has switched on more mobile output for those devices.

YouTube on Wednesday said it was enabling mobile publishing for its skippable TrueView in-stream video ad format, which lets viewers skip ads after five seconds.

YouTube’s lack of mobile advertising has been one reason a small number of content suppliers bar their YouTube content from going out through YouTube’s mobile and tablet channels.

Vevo is a key supplier of music videos through YouTube, including advertising, but is not available through some of YouTube’s mobile outlets. In February, the company told paidContent monetization was a prerequisite for it pushing its videos out through platforms like mobile and connected TV.

YouTube had previously operated only Promoted Video ads in mobile search results, non-skippable 15-second pre-rolls to its Android and mobile web clients and mobile website banners and branding. Now the skippable format joins these others.

Don’t expect to find the ads inside YouTube’s current, ageing iOS app, however. That was built by Apple. Google will build its own for iOS after Apple’s iOS 6 update rips out the app.

2 Responses to “YouTube finally enables skippable mobile ads”

  1. Being able to skip ads isn’t that big of an innovation if you have to ADD ads to make it possible. Does this seem counterproductive to anyone else? I understand they did it to garner more distribution capability, but seems like the YouTube/Smartphone/Video/Advertizing niche might not be worth all the trouble. I have Dish, and if you like ad-skipping, the Hopper’s Auto Hop feature is brilliant. I work a lot of overtime for Dish, so my DVR is a vital part of my entertainment puzzle. I can skip the ads on my prime time recordings the next day, and it makes it much more manageable to get through my DVR playlist. I save time, don’t have to watch ads, and don’t get nagged for the remote every time a commercial blares!