The $15 magnetic Blurex Nexus 7 case trumps Google’s official $20 cover

Since I take my Nexus 7 tablet everywhere I go, I decided to order a protective case. Luckily for me, the official $20 Nexus 7 case in the Google Play store was listed as “coming soon”; Google must be getting more of them produced. Why is that a good thing? I noticed a review on Gadgetell for the Blurex Ultra Slim Case for Nexus 7 and it looks far better for my needs. Even better: It’s only $14.99 and has more features.

The Blurex reminds me of the case I used previously with my Galaxy Tab. Scosche made that one for the Tab and I liked how it offered different viewing angles for the tablet. The Blurex case does the same: It angles the tablet based on which slot you tuck the cover into. That’s handy for using the Nexus 7 when I want to put it down to watch a movie or television show, for example.

That alone would be worth buying the Blurex, which is made from a synthetic leather outside and microfiber inside. But unlike Google’s own case, this one takes advantage of the auto-wake and sleep functions just like Apple’s Smart Cover for iPad(s aapl). Some sleuthing with the Nexus 7 tablet revealed magnets for the feature, but Google isn’t yet using it in its own case. Leave it to a third-party case-maker to not only include the magnets, but to do so for $5 less than the official Nexus 7 case.

I’ve ordered my own Blurex Ultra Slim Case from Amazon(s amzn) and it should be here in a few days, so I’ll report back in. On paper, it looks like a winner for both me and my Nexus 7, but I’ll share some feedback after it arrives.

Update: My case is here and I have a video look at it available.