13 Responses to “AT&T won’t charge for FaceTime over cellular — but there’s a catch”

  1. Michael W. Perry

    Quote: “With Mobile Share, the more data you use, the more you save….”

    On one hand, AT&T is encouraging users to consume more data. On the other, they’re complaining that there’s not enough spectrum for the demand.

    That makes no sense. Imagine a drought that reduces a city’s water supplies. The smart thing wouldn’t be to offer cut rates to those who consume more, it’d be to charge more to make sure there’s enough water for everyone.

    Or course, from Day One, almost nothing about cellular billing practices has made sense.

  2. Nate Watson

    This is the worst deal I’ve ever seen. Fuck AT&T. I wish their headquarters were located in one of the Trade Center buildings in 2001. Same with Comcast.

    • Are you serious??? I agree with the deal is horrible, but you took it to the next level when you mentioned the Towers…How dare you !!! I know for sure you don’t live in NYC. I do, and it is something that you do not wish upon anyone.

  3. What a joke! Seriously…only if you subscribe to the family share plan junk. The share plans are dumb. the DATA is the thing everyone wants and we don’t get much at all.