Hey Silicon Valley: you can help avert the STEM crisis


Given the abundance of tech smarts here in Silicon Valley, it may not be apparent that there is a crisis in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) education in the U.S. But as Elizabeth Babcock, chief public engagement officer and dean of education at the California Academy of Sciences points out, American students are not doing well in these subjects compared to other countries we compete with. This lack of STEM education could make the U.S. less competitive down the road.

While the Academy, among others, have sounded the alarm, it’s not too late to do something. Entrepreneurs in particular are well equipped to lend their technology expertise and help out. In this video interview, Babcock lays out the importance of science education, why we have to act now, and how all you smarties in Silicon Valley (and elsewhere) can pitch in to save STEM education in our country.

And as a bonus, Babcock also talks about how technology is giving rise to the “citizen scientist,” and changing the nature of scientific discovery.

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