PassSource helps developers create passes for iOS 6 Passbook

Passbook in iOS 6

One of my favorite announced features of iOS 6 is Passbook, an Apple-created app that lets users keep any digital rewards cards, tickets or boarding passes in a central location on their iPhone. When introduced at WWDC in June, the main examples were a United boarding pass and Starbucks and Target rewards cards. But a new service called PassSource from iOS developer Kudit will let anyone, not just large, established corporations, easily participate in Passbook.

PassSource uses an API that lets developers build their own passes for Passbook or make sure the ones they have created are compatible with Passbook. The service has a number of templates, which you can see at left, including generic boarding passes, event tickets and coupons that can be customized, but there are also dozens of pre-made passes from recognizable brands available.

PassSource is for developers only right now, since Passbook is still only available to iOS certified developers until the public release, which will likely be sometime next month. But once it goes live, PassSource will help anyone create passes for Passbook for $25. Kudit says eventually it will introduce an analytics dashboard too that will let pass creators see how they are being used by customers.


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