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Why Marc Jacobs might start listening to your Fashion Week live tweets

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Planning to enjoy NYC Fashion Week from the comfort of your own couch this year? You’re not alone, and this fall your couch-side tweets could hold greater importance for the designers you love.

BumeBox and B Productions, a social media branding company and a video livestream company, are announcing a partnership Tuesday for NYC Fashion Week September 6-13 to bring branded livestreams of several high-profile shows to consumers, and bring real-time analytics from user engagement back to the designers, including Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Marc Jacobs, and others.

B Productions has been livestreaming top fashion shows in New York for years now, but the partnership with BumeBox will allow them to overlay the increasingly popular video livestreams with live tweets and comments from fans across the social web.

Bringing social media to fashion isn’t necessarily new, but by combining efforts on video and social, the two will be able to provide the fashion brands with greater insight into what consumers like and how they respond to certain outfits. By pairing video time codes — which B Productions can match to specific outfits or looks — to BumeBox social analytics, designers will be able to see which outfits elicited the most tweets, which colors or styles ranked most favorably with viewers, or even which outfits gathered more tweets from users in certain countries more than others.

It might not mean Marc Jacobs will be crowdsourcing its designs any time soon, and it’s possible that a huge majority of viewers tweeting about Marc Jacobs will never purchase a Marc Jacobs product, but it’s easy to see that giving designers greater access to analytics and feedback from viewers could bring the brands closer to their audiences.

The two companies paired up for a Marc Jacobs show in 2011 and it proved so successful they want to continue the combination, they reported. Representatives from BumeBox said the social and video efforts for that show resulted in the Marc Jacob hashtag becoming one of the top 10 global trending topics on Twitter, and more than tripling the brand’s “social mentions” across the web.

One Response to “Why Marc Jacobs might start listening to your Fashion Week live tweets”

  1. Hi Eliza!
    I loved your post! And I find it amazing how web 2.0 tools can make marketing tasks easier. In your exemple Twitter is used to do marketing research at no cost! And I think that social media are indeed not all about selling but also about soliciting opinions about a new product development, the way people consume the product or any kind of information that could help the company to better address its customers’ needs.

    Looking forward to reading you again!