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Finally: The PS3 is getting a native YouTube app

The wait is finally over: YouTube (s GOOG) started rolling out an app for the PS3 (s SNE) Tuesday morning, and owners of the game console who live in North America will be able to download the app through the Playstation 3 store right away.

The rest of the world will have to wait a little longer, with YouTube promising that it will bring the app to additional countries in “the coming months.”

So what does the new app have to offer, aside from a pretty slick UI?

First of all, personalization: You’ll be able to log in using your YouTube credentials and then access your subscriptions, watch list, recommendations, uploads and more.

And you’ll also be able to use your phone or tablet as a remote control, flinging content to the screen after a simple authentication. This type of second-screen action currently only works with Android mobile devices. But, with the recent news that Google is building its own iOS YouTube app, one shouldn’t be too surprised to see similar functionality coming to iPhones and iPads as well.

23 Responses to “Finally: The PS3 is getting a native YouTube app”

  1. Tried this app out last nite, and I must say it’s pretty sick! I love the fact that I can use Tubemate on my Android device to play video’s on my TV. My biggest rave is HD finally, I can finally watch youtube in all it’s glory on my HDTV! If you have a PS3 and internet, this is the best way to check out youtube.

  2. I was just using it and i am confused.
    What exactly was wrong with either youtubeXL or on the web browser, and why can’t I get to on the web browser anymore? This version of youtube is very irritating and does not allow for half the search and save options the other forms allow. Additionally the playback is slow and choppy, unless I plug in the Ethernet cable into the playstation. If they decide to keep this going at least allow everyone the opportunity to use youtube on the web browser.

  3. it sucks it freezes up and is slow i was using the ps3 browser all the time and it worked great now they are forcing me to use this .

    it sucks its slow and freezes up on me

    i using youtube on ps3 browser all the time and it worked fine and now they forced me to use this new that doesn’t work fucking bullshit

  4. worst app ever and now you cant even get on youtube thru your browser… they should let us due both becaue the app is slow plus it freezes after every video you watch and on top of that you cant even sign in

  5. I totally agree with TERRY! I have repeatedly gone through the signing in process and still can’t access my account. Any suggestions from any one out there.

    If anyone has a solution to this problem, could you please be so kind as to email me your response as I a not a member of this forum.

  6. Hate It

    With all respect, I hate it. It’s quirky, slow, and much worse than running the ORIGIONAL youtube on the ps3 browser, but you can acess it anymore, no thanks to youtube or ps3 from me. At least lets us still acess youtube, and no youtubeXL crap.