Today in Connected Consumer

Plenty of theories around today as to why Google decided to buy Frommer’s from John Wiley & Sons for a reported $23 million. Some see the deal, along with Google’s previously acquisition of Zagat, as an effort to fill the gap left after the search giant was caught out incorporating content from Yelp and TripAdviser against their will. Others see it as a response to Apple — a way to make sure Google and answer questions that might otherwise be posed to Siri. Liz Gannes of AllThingsD sees the move as of a piece with a long list of similar moves by Google, including pouring millions into seeding original video production for YouTube, licensing professional content for Google Music, and its failed bid for Hulu. Whatever the reason, is going to end up owning and publishing a lot of content, which is a very different business than simply pointing people to someone else’s content.