Today in Cloud

Following a shakeup in the executive ranks at Symantec, the security vendor is now turning its attention to the big data craze and has partnered with HortonWorks, bundling the startup’s Hadoop distribution with its cluster file system. It’s a useful step for Symantec customers as the Hadoop distros by themselves are not especially cluster-managment friendly. HortonWorks has also partnered with StackIQ, providers of the Rocks+ cluster management technology to help sort out the challenge of disparate hardware platforms in an Hadoop cluster. Hadoop sounds great until you realize that the creation, running and maintenance of the actual cluster is not managed by the Hadoop software and you need something else for this. Symantec is hoping to elbow its way into the Hadoop and big data space by integrating its cluster file system, easing one of the pain points in managing Hadoop. We recently wrote a paper called: Scaling Hadoop clusters: the role of cluster management, which digs into this topic in depth.